"Hey Mister, you're all tied up to a tree."
Andy's Vacation, Ep 22


Original airdate
March 9, 1964


Barney continuously interrupts Andy's vacation plans.


Andy is at his wit's end with not only being the Sheriff, but he has even had enough of good ol Barn, so he takes a vacation. Leaving Barney and Gomer in charge, he soon realizes that he'll never get any rest at home, reading his National Geographic, so he finally listens to Aunt Bee & goes camping for a week in the woods. Trouble finds him when a prisoner held temporarily in the Mayberry jail sneaks away from Barney and Gomer and ends up finding Andy's campfire. Andy recognizes the prison garb and nabs him. He even has to capture him a second time after Barney and Gomer let him go again.


  • Allan Melvin, who plays the escaped convict, appeared as an Army recruiter earlier the same season in the epsiode Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army.
  • This is the last time that we see Andy act as Justice of the Peace. Although it's never stated outright, it's conveyed in later seasons that Andy is only the Sheriff.
  • Law #302 is disturbing the peace, #710 is assault with a deadly weapon.
  • $10 dollars in 1964, is the same as $76, as of 2015.
  • Only in Mayberry can a Chicken be considered a "Deadly Weapon".
  • This is the Second time that Barney mentions that he has been a Deputy Sheriff for Ten Years.


Andy: You been talking to that old German again?
Barney: Now look Andy, Old Hugo Hopfleisch might have been on the wrong team back in '18, but he's was a heck of a soldier.

Barney: Well you just bring him in. We'll give him maximum security.
Gomer: What's maximum security?
Barney: That's keys in the drawer.


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