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Barney's Replacement Mayberry Goes Bankrupt

"I was referring to your bullheadedness, not mine!"

Andy and the Woman Speeder

Season 2, Episode 3


Original airdate
October 16, 1961
Directed by
Written by


Andy gives an attractive young woman from Washington D.C. a speeding ticket. She proceeds to manipulate the townsfolk with her charm and wit in order to undermine Andy's case against her.


Andy gives a speeding ticket to an attractive woman Elizabeth Crowley (portrayed by Jean Hagen). Before she reaches trial, she has used flattery and bribes to turn witnesses for the prosecution,Opie, Floyd, and Barney against Andy. However, after winning the case, she realizes the damage she has done and commits the same offense again on purpose so that she can be caught in order to pay the fine she deserved to start with.


  • Floyd Lawson caught three trout and two perch while fishing. Barney caught a frog.
  • Barney imitates Frank Sinatra by singing the first lines of One For My Baby.
  • This episode has a storyline similar to the pilot episode of The Andy Griffith Show. It's also one of the few where Andy is stubborn about doing things by-the-book rather than Barney.
  • This is the only episode in which Mayor Pike served as a judge or held a mayor's court.
  • Andy says that by law a female prisoner must have a matron, but it doesn't happen a few years later in Prisoner of Love.


Andy: "Alright, be a stubborn female. I can be just as stubborn. We'll make accommodations. Barney; Lock her up and buy some pink towels."


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Barney's Replacement Mayberry Goes Bankrupt
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