If I Had a Quarter Million, Ep 22


Original Airdate
February 15, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Barney finds $250,000 from a bank heist, then goes undercover to find the robber.


When Barney runs a hobo off the railroad's property he happens to find a briefcase - with a quarter of a million dollars inside. Andy contacts the FBI in Washington who confirm that there was a recent robbery and that they will send an Agent down to collect the money. Barney suggests that as the thief will likely return to Mayberry to look for his briefcase, so he should go around town and set himself up as a having new found wealth to flush him out. Andy is completely against the idea but that has never stopped Barney in the past. Soon Barney is approached by a stranger who Barney comes to believe is the FBI Agent - but is in fact the thief looking for his money!




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