Opie and the Carnival, Ep 31


Original Airdate
April 26, 1965
Written by
Directed by


Opie wants to win a prize at the shooting gallery at the local carnival.


There's a carnival in town and Opie is having a really good time. When two crooked carnies want to drum up more business for their shooting gallery, they pick Opie out of the crowd and give him a rifle that hasn't been tampered with. He soon wins a prize and they have plenty of customers, all using rifles with bent sights. Opie has also been wondering what to get his father for his birthday. He's been saving his allowance but doesn't have much money and wonders what he can him. He then gets a brilliant idea: seeing as he is such a great shot, why not try to win his Father an Electric Razor. Of course, he loses all of his money. Goober, who is a pretty good shot, decides to help him win the prize but he too spends way too much money and all he has to show for it is a Kewpie doll. When Andy gets wind of all this, he & Helen pay the carnies a visit, Andy tries his hand at the Gallery. He discovers that the Carnies are using a Gun with crooked sites, and adjusts his aim and wins nearly all the prizes. Andy informs them that their next customer will be a little boy that will try to win the electric razor that they have on the shelf, and that he needs a rifle with Correct sites.


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