A Deal Is a Deal, Ep 26


Original airdate
April 6, 1964
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"How do you fight fire?...With a hose?"
―Barney and Howie


Opie and his friends get involved in a scheme selling a worthless product called 'Miracle Salve'.


Opie and his pals get suckered into selling useless salve. When one of the boys, Trey, quits and sends his salve back, he gets a letter from the Miracle Salve Company advising that he has been blacklisted. Barney and Gomer head to Mount Pilot to "fight fire with fire." Disguised as Dr. Pendyke, Barney fools the two Miracle Salve cons into buying all their salve back by convincing them it is a miracle cure for the mange. The plan backfires when a truck load of the salve arrives at the Taylors' front door addressed to Opie Taylor Sr., the name Gomer used as a alias.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Miracle Salve claims to cure crow's feet, poison ivy, athlete's foot, prickly rash, complextion and spring itch.
  • The Miracle Salve Company is located in an office building, Room #106, in Mount Pilot. The building also houses the offices of Ideal Construction Company (Room #110), the law firm of Lonas, Hill and Davison (Room #108) and R. Auda Enterprises, Inc. (Room #112).
  • 946 jars of Miracle Salve are delivered to Andy's house.
  • Gomer will later use his "disguised voice" in the Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. episode, Gomer Pyle, POW.


Andy: Have any luck over at Mrs. Farley's?
Barney: No. It was a false alarm. She got out of that tree all by herself. She was sittin' on the front porch with her fat face in a pan of milk when I drove up.
Opie: Who? Mrs. Farley?
Barney: No, her cat! What a question. Mrs. Farley ain't got a fat face; she got a thin face.

Barney: Now *I* know, and Sheriff Tayler knows, that for a long time now, you've been trying to sell this thing they call "Miracle Salve". Now we ALSO know that you've been under considerable pressure to sell it. In other words, your former employers used...uh...
Andy: ...Intimidation?
Barney: Yeah, intimidation! Now there's not gonna be any more pressure, there's not gonna be any more intimidation. We just want you to go out there and SELL THAT SALVE! And who knows, you just might be the one to WIN THAT PONY! How 'BOUT it???


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