""Never Judge A Dr. By The Way He Carves A Turkey""

A New Doctor In Town, S7, E 15

Original Airdate

December 26, 1966


When Mayberry's doctor, Dr. Bennett, retires after a long and distinguished career, he's replaced by a new arrival, Dr. Thomas Peterson. He's a relatively new doctor and everyone, particularly some of the old-timers, note how young he appears to be. Andy and Helen point out that they should all give him a chance but no one seems to be prepared to be the first one to visit him. Things take an unexpected turn when Opie comes down with a sore throat and Dr. Peterson decides that his tonsils have to come out. Andy is suddenly very hesitant to let his son be operated on by someone who is so new, but Helen encourages him. The results will obviously determine if the good doctor has any future in Mayberry.

Mayberry has a new doctor in town who runs into difficulty being accepted because no one wants to be his first patient.

NotesWhen Andy first walks into the Dr. Office, you can see a production man in the right side of the screen, in a blue short sleeve shirt.



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