Andy's Rival, Ep 2


Original Airdate
September 20, 1965
Directed by
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Andy becomes jealous when he realizes that a handsome new teacher is spending evenings with his girlfriend, Helen.



  • Andy makes his Punch Supreme. Its ingredients include orange sherbet, tomato juice, root beer, and molasses.
  • Andy was the valedictorian of his high school class.
  • Goober would like to go to Jasper to see the new tractor display. (An interesting note: although presumably Goober is referring to a town in North Carolina, the actor George Lindsey was born in Jasper, Alabama).
  • This episode shows a change in the Taylor kitchen. The back door used to be on the wall (right hand side) that has the kitchen sink and cupboards. The door is now sharing the back wall of the kitchen, right next to Aunt Bee's hutch.


I like chicken!! mmmm good-andy


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