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Runaway Kid Opie's Charity

Andy the Matchmaker

Season 1, Episode 7


Original Air Date
November 14, 1960
Directed by
Written by


When Barney's bumbling law enforcement techniques are questioned, Andy and Ellie decide to stage a fake robbery at Walker's Drugstore - a scheme which turns Barney into a real hero!


After being humiliated by a piece of humorous graffitti, Barney decides to turn in his badge because of Mayberry's lack of any real crime. He saw Opie with the piece of chalk in his hand, but he said that some bigger kids wrote it. When Opie claims that he wasn't the one who wrote it, Andy believes him, because Opie can't write. Unable to change Barney's mind, Andy decides to stage a robbery at Walker's Drugstore in order to brighten Barney's mood and hopefully give him enough confidence to ask Miss Rosemary out on a date.

However, Barney messes up Andy's plan by making an actual arrest in the fake robbery. While stalling for time and trying to figure out what to do, Andy runs a background check on the suspect Barney arrested and finds out he's actually a wanted man. Having captured a real crook gives Barney the confidence to ask Miss Rosemary out.


  • Barney tenders his resignation for the first time in this episode.
  • Miss Rosemary (Amzie Strickland) makes her one and only appearance in this episode. However, the same actress would appear later in the series as various characters.
  • Miss Rosemary was Barney's first love interest. Old Barn would move on to Hilda Mae a few episodes later. By the end of the first season, he was keeping steady company with Thelma Lou and sometimes sneaking out with Juanita. Despite being pretty green with girls in this episode, Barney would soon transform into quite a ladies man. Well, in his own mind anyway.
  • This is the first time Aunt Bee doesn't appear.
  • In this episode Andy suggests that Barney take Miss Rosemary to the Snappy Lunch. The Snappy Lunch was and still is an actual diner in Andy Griffith's hometown of Mt. Airy, North Carolina and has the distinction of being the only Mt. Airy business to be mentioned on the show. They are famous for their porkchop sandwiches.
  • After Barney reads his poem Andy can be seen trying not to laugh.


"There once was a deputy called Fife
Who carried a gun and a knife
The gun was all dusty
The knife was all rusty
Cause he never caught a crook in his life."


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Runaway Kid Opie's Charity
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