Back to Nature, Ep 31

Back to nature barn gomer

Original airdate
May 11, 1964
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Andy and Barney take Opie and his friends on a camping trip.


Andy takes Opie and his gang on a camping trip.Opie leaves early in the morning to go and pick some berrires, while looking for him Barney, who tells the boys he's a regular pioneer when it comes to the wilderness, manages to get lost in the woods with Gomer. Later in the evening, Opie,Howie, & Trey are laughing at Barney, because he got lost. Andy finds them and manages to trick Barney into finding his way back to camp, where he tells the tale of how he managed to ensnare, clean, and cook a Wild Pheasant. Much to the delight of the Boy's.


  • This was the last TAGS episode produced where Jim Nabors portrayed Gomer Pyle, even though it was the second to last to air.
  • The ghost story about the golden arm ("Whooo stole my golden arm?") is from Mark Twain's essay "How to Tell a Story and Other Essays ".
  • When Barney and Gomer hear the "Lake Loon" and head for camp, their hands are empty. When they arrive at camp, Gomer is carrying the snare!
  • This entire episode was filmed on an indoor set. In fact, it is one of the few not to feature at least some footage from the 40 Acres outdoor lot.
  • The Man With the Golden Arm was a 1955 film starring Frank Sinatra. The title of the film however did not refer to an arm made of gold but an arm ravaged by the effects of heroin use.


Barney: You see a wild bird just flies in there to get them berries and then it knocks against that stick there and then this, this snare, you see, just falls down on it and you got it.
Gomer: Well, I guess it's gonna be tough eatin', though. A bird strong enough to move them rocks and knock that stick over's bound to be on the muscular side.


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