Barney's Sidecar, Ep 16


Original airdate
January 27, 1964
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"How are you Baron Von Richthofen?"
―Andy to Barney


Barney invests into a WWI motorcycle, which quickly becomes a town nuisance.


Determined to nip the speeding on highway 6 in the bud, Barney purchases a motorcycle and sidecar at a military surplus auction. With the town up in arms over Barney's new toy, Andy tricks Barney into donating the motorcycle to The National Guard by passing it off as an antique.


  • When considering how to deal with Barney Aunt Bee mentions something she saw in a movie once - the allies string a wire across the road and when the Germans come through on their motorcycles...A scene very close to what she describes can be seen in the classic WWII film The Great Escape. Steve Mcqueen's character uses a wire to kill a German and steal his motorcycle leading the famous motorcycle chase scene near the end of the film.
  • The Battle of Château-Thierry was fought on July 18, 1918 and was one of the first actions involving the United States American Expeditionary Force (AEF) under General John J. "Black Jack" Pershing. It was a battle in World War I as part of the Second Battle of the Marne, initially prompted by a German offensive launched on July 15 against the newest troops on the front, the American AEF.
  • Barney's goggles contain no lenses (a common occurrence in eyewear on film) as to avoid reflections from studio lights.
  • As Opie leaves the courthouse early in the show he uses the once popular slang term, "Abyssinia," and Andy replies with "see ya' Samoa." These are both malapropisms for "I'll be seein' ya'" and "see ya' some more."
  • The American flags on the motorcycle have 48 stars, dating them to pre-1959.


Jase: [Talking about the sidecar] Sheriff, if you fill it up with water you can take a bath on the way.

Barney Fife: If you ride with your mouth open in the wind and put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, its impossible to pronounce a word that begins with the letter 's'.
Andy Taylor: You didn't let anyone see you riding on that thing with your mouth open?


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