Barney Comes to Mayberry, Ep 19


Original airdate
January 23, 1967
Directed by
Written by

Barney Comes to Mayberry is the Season 7, episode 19th episode of The Andy Griffith Show.


Barney returns to Mayberry for a visit to what is seemingly a rousing welcome only to learn that it's actually for Teena Andrews, someone he and Andy new in high school and who is now a famous actress. They drop in to see her and when her publicity man hears that she and Barney dated, he decides to set up a great photo opportunity by having him act as her escort for a new movie being premiered in Mayberry. Soon, Barney thinks they may have rekindled their old romance but is brought down to Earth with a thud when he hears she's left town suddenly.


  • The desk that was mounted on the wall of the Raleigh Police dept. that Barney was forced to use in A Visit to Barney Fife is not there in this episode. File cabinets have been put in it's place but you can see a spot on the wall where the paint is different.

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