Barney Fife Realtor, Ep 16


Original airdate
January 4, 1965
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Barney decides to try his hand at the real estate business.


After speaking to the local real estate agent, Barney decides that selling houses would be the perfect sideline for him. He starts by targeting some of the families in Mayberry who may want to change houses and soon has a chain of four buyers and sellers lined up. Even Andy has gotten involved. Having recently admonished Opie for trying to sell Howie his bicycle without revealing the problem with the brakes, Andy finds himself being less than honest with the the prospective buyer of his house about the leaky roof or the noisy pipes. Opie practices what his father preaches and mentions these things to an interested buyer, much to Andy's annoyance. When Andy visits the house he's interested in buying, he finds that it may not be perfect as well.


  • The multiple things that are shown to be wrong with the Taylor's House, Crack in the Kitchen Ceiling, Pipes under the house, & a Leakey Roof, have never been heard before and apparently are fixed by the next episode.
  • Barney estimates Andy's home is worth $27,500.
  • When the sale of Andy's house first falls through (because of Opie pointing out all the things in the home that need to be fixed), Barney relays to Andy that Barney's commission on the sale would have been $3,478.


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