"I've got that little girl right in my hip pocket."
Barney and Thelma Lou, Phfftt, Ep 30

Barney and thelma lou pfft gomer kiss

Original airdate
May 4, 1964
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After Barney says that he has Thelma Lou "in his hip pocket", she uses Gomer to make Barney jealous.


Gomer drops the bomb on Barney and Thelma Lou's romance when, giving her a ride to Mount Pilot, he slips and repeats something Barney said about having Thelma Lou in his hip pocket. Thelma Lou turns the tables and starts flirting with Gomer to make Barney jealous. Barney becomes fighting mad, but matters get worse when Thelma Lou slips and kisses Gomer on the cheek, which to Gomer means she now has to marry him. Andy finally steps in and clears up the whole mess by getting Barney to apologize.



Barney: They were kissin'. Huggin' and kissin'. You couldn't have gotten a piece of tissue paper between them. They were that close. They were kissin'.
Andy: Who was kissin'?
Barney: Thelma Lou and Gomer.
Andy: Kissin'
Barney: (shouting) Kissin'!

Barney: Thelma Lou and I have always had a standing date on Tuesday nights. Every Tuesday night for as long as I can remember we're setting on that couch, a pan of cashew fudge between us, watching that doctor show on TV.

Andy: Barney's been bitten by the green eyed monster.
Gomer: He has? Well they've got some stuff down at the drug store that'll keep 'em off of ya. One fell on me just yesterday.


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