Barney and the Cave Rescue, Ep 13


Original airdate
January 6, 1964
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Barney and the Cave Rescue aired in Season 4 on January 6th, 1964.


Andy and Helen wander into a cave while on the town picnic and are trapped when the entryway collapses behind them. Barney discovers what has happened and organizes a rescue party. Andy and Helen manage to find a safe exit through a hidden opening on the far end of the cave and catch a ride back to Helen's home. While there, the couple hear a special report on the radio about the accident. Andy and Helen dress back into their dirty clothes and go back to the cave. They climb back in so Barney can rescue them. Barney, having a hard day when accidentally believing Mr. Meldrim was breaking into his own bank, needed morale saving (he was already being laughed at and ridiculed); therefore Helen and Andy waited for Barney to save them in the cave. Barney was then a hero.


  • After Andy and Helen escape from the cave, they go to Helen's house, where they hear on the radio about the rescue that is going on, led by Barney. Helen says, "I'll call and let them know, we're alright." She picks up the phone and says "Get me the courthouse". One problem: Who was she calling, if everybody, including Barney were at the cave rescue? (Reply: Gomer was at the courthouse, but you`d think Sarah would have heard about the cave-in and recognized Helen`s voice.) 
  • After the rescue, the headline of the Mayberry Gazette reads, "DEPUTY FIFE HERO IN CAVE RESCUE." A picture of Barney is featured. This front page will be seen framed on a courthouse wall for years to come. This is perhaps the only time Barney's last name is spelled correctly in a newspaper (usually, his last name is misspelled as "Fike").
  • Although it was funny to hear Barney say it, bats are actually mammals and do not lay eggs. Some actually have just one baby and will nurse them.
  • It sure was great timing for the editor at the local newspaper, The Mayberry Gazette, to get Barney's name right for the front page. It has called him Fike in the past.


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