Bringing Up Opie

Bringing up Opie

Original airdate
May 22, 1961
Directed by
Written by


After being scolded by Aunt Bee, Opie decides to run away from home... a plan that quickly turns into a series of eye-opening - and sometimes dangerous - adventures for Opie and a scare for both Aunt Bee and Andy.


When Opie appears to be picking up some bad habits, such as handcuffing his friends to the flagpole at school, Aunt Bee insists that Opie stay away from the courthouse. Even though Opie stops by the jail almost every afternoon, Andy reluctantly agrees that Opie should indeed avoid the kind of influences the Courthouse and jail offer. Opie is not too happy about the new situation either. He begins spending his afternoons at home. It doesn't take long for him to get bored and end up getting into trouble. After an investigation of an abandoned mine, he winds up asleep in the back of truck. The driver takes off without knowing Opie is in the back. He eventually is discovered and reunited with his family, although with some explaining to do. Aunt Bee realizes that Opie was probably just in need of spending some time with his father and agrees to let Opie spend some time at the courthouse, provided a few changes are made - no more handcuffs, and no hanging around Otis when he has a "snoot full."


The Idaho map behind Andy's desk is turned right side up in this episode where usually it is upside down.



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