Briscoe Darling
Full Name Briscoe Darling
Occupation Farmer
First Episode The Darlings Are Coming
Last Episode The Darling Fortune
Spin-off Appearances Return to Mayberry
Family The Darlings, Dud Wash (son-in-law)

Andelina Wash (granddaughter)

Spouse Former wife decased
Romances Aunt Bee Taylor
Children The Darling Boys and Charlene Darling
Portrayed by Denver Pyle
"Got time to breathe.. got time for music"

Briscoe Darling is a jug-playing mountain man who visits the town of Mayberry with his family in six episodes of The Andy Griffith Show and in the TV movie Return to Mayberry. He is the father of four sons and a daughter named Charlene. His sons hardly ever speak unless they are singing in their family band. Charlene is the main singer of their family band. Briscoe is a widower, and apparently Charlene looks very much like her mother. Briscoe is very protective of his daughter and is always wanting the best for her. Mr. Darling is also a man who goes for what he wants. Upon meeting Aunt Bee and feeling as though she was showing him favoritism, he kidnapped her and brought her to their family cabin.


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  • (On pearly onions): "They twang my buds."
  • "Ya got time to breath, ya got time for music."


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