"Last Sunday, I caught him makin' eyes at Idell Bushey durin' preachin'. And I know what they do up there in the hills when they say they're possum huntin'. They're just sittin' around the campfire, drinkin' hard cider, hittin' each other on the shoulder and hollerin' 'flinch!'."
―Charlene Darling[src]
Charlene Darling Wash
Full Name Charlene Darling
First Episode The Darlings Are Coming
Last Episode The Darling Fortune
Spin-off Appearances Return to Mayberry
Family The Darlings
Spouse Dud Wash
Romances Andy Taylor

Ernest T. Bass

Children Andelina Wash
Portrayed by Maggie Peterson

Charlene Darling is the daughter of Briscoe Darling, the sister of The Darling Boys and the wife of Dud Wash. She has a serious crush on Sheriff Andy Taylor, because her brothers, Ernest T. Bass, and her husband are the only boys near her house. In episode The Darling Baby, Charlene presents her new daughter Andelina, named in honor of Sheriff Taylor.

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