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"I can't do William Holden. He talks like everybody else."
―Goober Pyle[src]
Goober Pyle
Goober Main 2014.png
Full Name Goober Beasley Pyle
Occupation Mechanic, later bought Wally's Filling Station.
First Episode The Fun Girls
Last Episode Goober the Hero (Mayberry R.F.D.)
Spin-off Appearances Mayberry R.F.D., Return to Mayberry
Family Gomer Pyle (cousin) Braden Pyle (brother)
Spouse N/A
Romances Lydia Crosswaithe, Flora Malherbe
Children N/A
Portrayed by George Lindsey

Goober Pyle was first mentioned in Season 3 of The Andy Griffith Show. He was Gomer Pyle's cousin and was portrayed by George Lindsey.


In Season 3, Gomer mentions that Goober can be reached by phone with number "371J". Later, cousin Gomer runs all the way to Andy's home to update Malcolm Tucker on the progress Goober is making on the repair of his broken down car.[1] After giving his report, Gomer turned to leave. His exchange went like this:

Gomer: Andy, Goober says, "Hey."
Andy: Hey to Goober.

From that point on, the joke became a staple in the Andy Griffith Show series. The cousins both worked at Wally's Filling Station. After Gomer left for The Marine Corp., Goober took over and worked full time at Wally's Filling Station. During season five, Goober was initially referred to as "Goober Beasley". To solidify the Gomer connection, his surname was changed to "Pyle". While Gomer always referenced Grandma Pyle, Goober never mentioned her.

Goober was viewed as not very "bright". This was perhaps best seen in A Man's Best Friend, when Goober believed his new dog spoke English, which then filled his head with make-it-rich scenarios. In reality, the "talking dog" was a practical joke played by Opie and a friend, who had hidden a walkie-talkie under the dog's collar giving voice to the shaggy beast.

Although Goober portrayed a somewhat childlike and happy-go-lucky character, he had the ability to view life and people with a sense of wonder and goodness. And, his automotive mechanical skills were exceptional, as evidenced in one episode by taking Gilly Walker's car apart and reassembling it inside the sheriff's office, and then taking it apart again, and reassembling it again outside.

Goober was similar to his cousin Gomer, though less animated. Both cousins shared a love for high-stepping, swing dancing, even when the music was far less dynamic. The term goober has entered pop culture and is synonymous with dork. It is likely that Goober Pyle influenced this.

Goober's older brother Braden was a noted rocket-scientist for NASA, and once visited Mayberry R.F.D.[2]. Howard Sprague attributed the vast intellectual disparity between the brothers to Mendel's theory of recessive genes.

Goober is known for his (bad) impressions of celebrities. He impersonates Cary Grant ("Judy Judy Judy") and Edward G. Robinson ("OK, you guys. Come on, you guys. All right, you guys. Beat it, you guys."). He could also impersonate Chester Goode's walk from Gunsmoke and perform lame schtick such as simulating sewing up his fingers. The only other people who were truly impressed by his talents were his cousin Gomer and The Fun Girls, Daphne and Skippy. He had a penchant for comic books and B-grade, sci-fi movies. Both Pyle cousins had their own peculiar dance moves.

Goober is deputized by Barney, much to Andy's dismay, when minor crime waves erupt.

George Lindsey played Goober on the pilot episode of The New Andy Griffith Show (starring Andy Griffith as Andy Sawyer) and on a failed pilot called Goober and the Truckers' Paradise. He also made regular appearances on "Hee Haw" dressed as Goober.

Andy Griffith described Goober as "The kind of person that walks into a restaurant, and says 'This place has great salt'."


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