Goodbye Sheriff Taylor, Ep 10


Original airdate
November 23, 1964
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"On this job, it's important to be fast. There's only two kinds of cops: the quick and the dead!"


Andy considers taking a job in Raleigh, and lets Barney take over as sheriff for a day to prepare him for the office.


Andy gets a call from his friend Herb in Raleigh, who offers him a job position as a detective. Andy leaves Barney in charge when he goes to Raleigh to interview for another job. Barney immediately starts searching for new deputies. The only guys who show up are Jud Fletcher, Goober Pyle, and Otis Campbell. By the time Andy returns, the whole town has practically been turned upside down. Barney tries to cover it up, but Floyd can't mind his tongue and spills the beans. Wanting Andy to stay, Barney creates the illusion of a crime wave. When Andy decides to stay, Barney relieves the guys of their deputy duties, and says they will receive a $5.00 check for their troubles.


  • This episode was the favorite of many of the Andy Griffith Show cast members.
  • After Barney throws the tomato at Otis, the size and location of the stains on Otis' shirt change between shots.
  • This is the first episode in which Goober is seen wearing his trademark beanie.
  • This episode features Otis when he is neither drunk or jailed.
  • Barney has to count off to give his deputies numbers. However, in Guest of Honor, the badges have numbers on them.
  • Andy must have more confidence in Barney, since Andy Saves Barney's Morale, because he recommends him for the office of Sherriff of Mayberry.


Andy: Barn, you might as well know: there's a strong possibility I might just take that job.
Barney: What'd you say?
Andy: The job – I might take it.
Barney: You're kiddin'.
Andy: No, I'm not. I've been thinkin' about it quite a good bit.
Barney: You mean leave Mayberry?
Andy: Well, if I take the job.
Barney: Leave Mayberry? Partners all these years and then just like that… pppt!
Andy: Now, Barn, this is not an overnight decision. I've thought about it a lot and we've talked about it, too. I told you there, there might come a time when I'd be movin' on.
Barney: Yeah, but I didn't think you meant anything like quittin'... I thought you just meant dyin'!

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