Guest in the House, Ep 24


Original Airdate
March 8, 1965
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An old friend of Andy's comes to visit and Helen grows jealous.


The green-eyed monster gets the better of Helen Crump when Andy's very attractive cousin Gloria comes for a visit. She not really a cousin but the daughter of a very close family friend who has recently had an engagement broken. She comes to stay with Aunt Bee and the Taylors' for a change of place and a change of environment. Helen is a little dubious about having her around and is downright angry when |Andy asks her to join him and Helen at the movies and again at dinner the next night. To placate her, Andy agrees to arrange for Goober to come along with them as Gloria's date but things don't quite go as Andy planned or Helen hoped. Andy finds a solution and brings Frank.


  • Andy sings "There Is a Time", the song Charlene Darling sings in The Darling Baby.
  • Barney is in Raleigh during this episode and will return Monday.
  • While waiting for Gloria to arrive on the bus, Andy sits with Floyd at the barber shop. Floyd references a dramatic lovers quarrel in Mayberry in 1949 between Agnes Drumhiller and Horace Frizzy. Horace left Agnes at the alter. Agnes then took to drinking. Eventually Agnes and Horace married but she got fat and dyed her hair blonde (which eventually turned to orange) just to spite Horace for originally leaving her.

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Andy Sings - There Is A Time

Andy Sings - There Is A Time

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