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Barney confronts two farmers selling produce illegally, and when he tells them to move, they don't take him seriously.


Barney's ability to be a lawman is put to the test with some itinerant peddlers, and he fails.

Respect the Badge

His confidence is shattered until Andy steps in, behind the scenes, and warns these peddlers of Barney's reputation as "Barney the Beast," "Fife the Fierce," and "Crazy Gun Barney". Barney's next encounter with them leads him to believe he is truly respected. Unfortunately, the peddlers learn the truth about Deputy Fife and confront him again. This time, with encouragement from Andy, he rises to the challenge and truly demonstrates where his power comes from.


  • Until the premiere of Hot in Cleveland in 2010, a 2000 airing of this episode was the most-watched episode in the history of the TV Land network.
  • Clips from this episode were used by the United States Department Of Transportation television commercials endorsing seat belt usage and safety. Future Mayberry deputy, Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns), provided the voice for one of the crash test dummies.
  • Allan Melvin, who played Neil, will later appear in Barney's First Car.


  • Barney twice pulls the squad car to the side of the road to confront the farmers selling produce. When the car stops it is sitting at an angle to the road. After Barney exits the car, the car is then sitting parallel to the road.



Deputy Barney Fife: [after the two farmers crowd him when he asks them to move their vegetable stand outside of the town limits] "You're both a lot bigger than I am. but this badge represents a lot of people. And they're a lot bigger than either of you. Now, are you going to get movin'?"