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Andy the Marriage Counselor Andy Saves Barney's Morale

Mayberry on Record

Season 1, Episode 19


Original airdate
February 13, 1961
Directed by
Written by
"Flop-Eared Mule" performed by Andy Taylor and The Country Boys


A record promoter arrives in Mayberry, intent on making a recording of the region's local folk music, but Andy becomes wary of the stranger and suspects he might be a con artist seeking some fast cash.


Despite a lesson from Andy on the dangers of investing one's money, Barney and some of the other towns folks convince Mr. Maxwell, a record producer in town to record some of the local folk music for an album he's making, to let them invest in his record company. He reluctantly agrees, and everyone is convinced they'll see a quick and profitable turn on their investments. Andy, however, is quite suspicious of Mr. Maxwell and tries to convince Barney that he's made a terrible mistake and is being swindled. When it appears that Mr. Maxwell has skipped out of the town with their money, it appears that Andy is right. Ellie manages to keep a cool head, explaining that Mr. Maxwell has done nothing out of the ordinary. As Barney, Andy, Floyd and the others are preparing to go after Mr. Maxwell, he returns. Not only is he back, but he sold the album for more than he expected and has already turned a nice little profit for the investors. He owes all his (and his investors) success to Andy for alerting him to all of Mayberry's talent.


  • Appearing on this episode was the Country Boys who were Roland White, Eric White, Clarence White, Billy Ray Latham, and LeRoy Mack. They soon evolved into the famous bluegrass group The Kentucky Colonels.
  • In the background, you can see in the Sheriff's Office that Captain Barker of the State Police finally sent the magnetic map he promised in The Manhunt.
  • The song Andy and the Country Boys/Kentucky Colonels played for Mr. Maxwell in the barber shop was a bluegrass song named "Flop Eared Mule". When the group listens to the playback it is revealed Andy and the band also recorded the often played Construction-era song on the show, "Crawdad Hole".
  • Mr. Maxwell had Andy and the band signed to a record label named National Records. National Records was an actual label that was created in 1945 in New York City by Albert Green. The label signed primarily R&B and doo-wap groups and was sold to Mercury in 1951.
  • The record album that Ellie is holding in the episode tag entitled "Music from Mayberry" is an altered real-life album, "Andy Griffith Shouts the Blues and Old Timey Songs", released in 1959.

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Barney: Another buffalo pointin' the wrong way.

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Andy the Marriage Counselor Andy Saves Barney's Morale
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