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"Mr. McBeevee" is the Season 3 premiere episode of The Andy Griffith Show.


When Opie talks about a new friend, Mr. McBeevee, his descriptions are hard to believe. Andy must decide if he will trust his son.


Opie weaves the fabulous tale of Mr. McBeevee, a man who walks in the treetops, wears a

S3E1 - Heart to Heart With Opie

Heart to Heart With Opie

silver hat, has twelve extra hands, blows smoke from his ears, and jingles when he walks as if he had rings on his fingers and bells on his toes. But other than those few quirks, Mr. McBeevee is normal. Andy and Barney laugh it off, but when Opie brings back a quarter he claims was given to him by his friend, Andy is forced to call the stories to a halt. Faced with the threat of a spanking, Opie is still unable to betray the existence of Mr. McBeevee. Andy may have to accept the unacceptable in the face of Opie's insistence. Later, when out for a walk, Andy happens past the very same tree Mr. McBeevee, a telephone linesman, is working in. Andy gets his own introduction to the man who walks in the trees and Opie is vindicated.


  • This episode continues the show's tradition of opening each new season with an emotional Opie episode.
  • Although Blackie, Opie's imaginary black horse with the white spot on his nose, is a little on the invisible side, an actual horse sticks his head through the Taylor's kitchen window in the original sponsor ad that ran during the broadcast. The ad was for Jello Pudding. Most of the original sponsor ads are bonus features on the Season 3 DVD.
  • While Andy is a wise father, this is one of those times that Opie's reasoning has proven his father wrong.
  • This episode was voted one of the top 10 fan-favorite episodes.
  • The quarter McBeevee gives Opie would be worth $2.53 in September, 2023.


  • Barney mentions in this episode that he loves horses, but in the later episode Divorce, Mountain Style he claims he is allergic to horses.
  • The Taylors don't have a back porch in this episode like they did in "Bargain Day" season 4. They just have a stoop of 2 or 3 steps with no overhead roof and the back door is flush with the main back wall of the house. In season 4  the back porch is like a notch in the back corner of the house with a large roof and more than enough space to sit a freezer on.



Barney: Yeah, but how can you explain it all?
Andy: I can't.
Barney: But you do believe in Mr. McBeevee?
Andy: No... no... no. I do believe in Opie.


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