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The town of Pilot Mountain is best recognized as “Mt. Pilot” from The Andy Griffith show. Andy made numerous references to travel to this wonderful place the locals simply know as “Pilot”.

The town of Pilot Mountain is home to Pilot Mountain State Park, which is a remnant of the ancient Sauratown Mountains. The Saura Indians who inhabited the area knew Pilot Mountain as Jomeokee, the “Pilot” or “Great Guide”. The Cherokee Indians eventually drove the Saura Indians out of the area.

Pilot Mountain became the 14th State Park in 1968 when it was purchased from Mrs. J.W. Beasley, thereby helping to preserve the natural resources of North Carolina. Pilot Mountain State Park is made up of 3,703 acres of land, with an elevation of 2420 feet.

Today thousands visit our rapidly growing town and state park. Admission to the park is free.

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In the show[]

Mt. Pilot lies southeast of Mayberry. It is the largest city near Mayberry, home to many visitors and law enforcement that have come and gone through the years. The Fun Girls were from Mt. Pilot as well as Aunt Bee's butter and egg man Mr. Hendricks. Mt. Pilot is first mentioned in "Andy and Opie Housekeepers", where Aunt Bee has a sick relative called "Cousin Edgar".