Otis Sues the County, Ep 15


Original airdate
December 28, 1964
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After Otis slips in the courthouse, a lawyer convinces him to sue the county.


After his usual weekly visit for drunkenness, Otis has a minor fall when exiting his cell. He wants to just forget about the incident and tells Barney and Floyd that he has an old football injury and has always had trouble with his knee. Barney however insists that they have to file a report and when Otis goes to a lawyer to get his statement notarized, the shady fellow suggests that he sue the County for $5,000. Needless to say, this doesn't sit well with Mayberry's law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, Floyd doesn't really remember what Otis said at the time and Otis himself wasn't completely recovered from the night before and can't quite remember how it happened.


  • In this episode, filmed following Howard McNear's recovering from a stroke, sound-effect footsteps are used to cover Floyd's entrance into the courthouse.
  • Barney sends Otis to the Mayberry Bank to have his accident report notarized. The notary public at the bank is named Mary Pleasant.
  • Otis has to go to Mt. Pilot to get the accident report notarized because Mary Pleasant is on vacation. Mary Pleasant and Dixie Belle Edwards went to Great Dismal Swamp to hunt black bears. Great Dismal Swamp is an actual swamp located in southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.
  • The song that the drunken Otis and Barney sing on tape is Sweet Adeline (You're the Flower of my Heart), a popular barbershop ballad.
  • $5000 in 1964 is equivalent to approximately $38,000 today.
  • This is the second time that Jay Novello has played a less than favorable character, the first time was in the Second season episode, Guest of Honor, as Sheldon Davis.


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