The Rimshaw House is a foreboding and decaying, two-story Victorian Italianate structure in the town of Mayberry. Its exact location is unknown, but dialogue suggests it is somewhere on the outskirts of town. The house was once owned by a deceased local man who was simply known as "Old Man Rimshaw." He was most likely a private man, since Barney mentions that Old Man Rimshaw didn't want anyone near his house, implying the house has been empty since he and Andy were kids. A moonshiner named Big Jack Anderson once secretly set up his bootlegging operation within the house, using the house's "haunted" legend to his advantage. Otis Campbell was well aware of the moonshiner and his business. Once Andy uncovered the truth, Otis's secret was revealed, along with "Big Jack."


Season 4-

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Rimshaw House actually sits directly to the right of the Taylor house. A lot of foliage and shrubbery were applied to the exterior to disguise it. In the main image above, one can see the Taylor's garage to the left. It was also used as the homes of Mayor Roy Stoner and Mrs. Wiley.
  • The exterior of this home was featured in the classic movie "Gone With the Wind" as "Aunt Pittypat's" in Atlanta. Many of the buildings/scenery that later became part of the 'Mayberry' sets can be seen in GWTW. Both were filmed on the 40 Acres lot.