Season 1 of The Andy Griffith Show premiered on October 3, 1960.

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Since its network debut in 1960, The Andy Griffith Show has been a viewer favorite thanks to its folksy, nostalgic charm and memorable cast, both of which shine in this set featuring the series' debut season. Originally spun off from an episode of Make Room for Daddy (both series shared producers Sheldon Leonard and Danny Thomas), The Andy Griffith Show centered around the lives of small-town sheriff Andy Taylor (the marvelously dry Griffith), his son Opie Taylor (Ron Howard), cousin and deputy Barney Fife (multiple Emmy winner Don Knotts), and the other gentle eccentrics of Mayberry (which was based on Griffith's real hometown). But while other "rural" programs poked fun at its characters (The Real McCoys, The Beverly Hillbillies), The Andy Griffith Show never stooped to stereotypes, preferring instead to draw its humor from the fine writing and cast, which counted Frances Bavier as Aunt Bee Taylor, Howard McNear as Floyd the Barber, and Hal Smith as Mayberry's benevolent drunk, Otis Campbell.

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The Andy Griffith Show Original Opening 1960

The Andy Griffith Show Original Opening 1960

Original opening with broadcast countdown and sponsor spot.


# Image Title Airdate
00 Dannymeetsandy Danny Meets Andy Griffith February 15,1960
While traveling through the town of Mayberry, Danny Williams is pulled over for running a stop sign by Sheriff Andy Taylor. He refuses to pay the fine and decides to spend the night in jail after discovering that the sheriff is also the justice of the peace, newspaper editor and mayor.
01 The New housekeeper The New Housekeeper October 3, 1960
Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) and his young son Opie (Ron Howard) are in need of a new housekeeper. Andy's Aunt Bee Taylor looks like the perfect candidate and moves in, but her presence causes friction with Opie.
02 TheManhunt (50) The Manhunt October 10, 1960
Andy and his bumbling deputy, Barney Fife, offer to help track down an escaped convict, but the Captain of the State Police scoffs at the small-town sheriff's help.
03 Guitar player The Guitar Player October 17, 1960
A gifted guitar player who has self-doubts about his musical talent gets a chance at stardom - with a little push from Andy.
04 Elliecomes243 Ellie Comes to Town October 24, 1960
When Mayberry's local pharmacist falls ill, his niece Ellie Walker steps in as a temporary replacement - and creates turmoil with the town's resident hypochondriac.
05 IrresistibleAndy (62) Irresistible Andy October 31, 1960
It's the annual church picnic, and when Andy invites Ellie to the event, he begins to suspect that she has marriage on her mind - so he hastily arranges for three of Mayberry's most eligible bachelors to lavish attention on her.
06 Runawaykid Runaway Kid November 7, 1960
Andy teaches Opie about how important it is to keep a promise, only to have that lesson conflict with his need to help Opie's friend who ran away from home.
07 MissRosemary Andy the Matchmaker November 14, 1960
When Barney's bumbling law enforcement techniques are questioned, Andy and Ellie decide to stage a fake robbery - a scheme which turns Barney into a real hero!
08 1x08-Opie-s-Charity-the-andy-griffith-show-17880185-640-480 Opie's Charity November 28, 1960
Andy is dismayed when Opie refuses to contribute money to the school charity drive - but there is a secret reason behind Opie's apparent "selfishness".
09 Feud1 A Feud Is a Feud December 5, 1960
Andy hopes to finally bring peace to two of the county's longtime feuding families, the Carters and the Wakefields - by arranging a duel between the two patriarchs of the quarreling clans!
10 N7 Ellie for Council December 12, 1960
It's a battle of the sexes when Ellie Walker decides to become the very first woman to run for a seat on the Mayberry City Council - and the town's horrified menfolk decide to sabotage her new found political career.
11 Christmas.J The Christmas Story December 19, 1960
Mayberry's local "Scrooge," storeowner Ben Weaver, manages to have harmless bootlegger Sam Muggins thrown into jail on Christmas - but the Mayberry folks manage to celebrate Christmas with Sam in a most unusual way.
12 Edsawyer Stranger in Town December 26, 1960
Ed Sawyer, a mysterious stranger, arrives in Mayberry and disrupts the lives of the townspeople because he appears to know everyone's name, intimate details about their lives, and other startling facts about them.
13 Mayberry Goes Hollywood (105) Mayberry Goes Hollywood January 2, 1961
Lights! Camera! Chaos! A Hollywood producer chooses idyllic Mayberry as the backdrop for his next movie, and the entire town goes into a frenzy as they gear up for the anticipated glamor, fame and fortune.
14 HorseTrader The Horse Trader January 9, 1961
Andy performs some slick dealings with an antiques dealer to get rid of the town's old, worthless cannon. But when young Opie later mimics his father's shady deal to obtain a pair of roller skates, Andy has second thoughts about his own wheeling and dealing.
15 Gossipin1 Those Gossipin' Men January 16, 1961
Aunt Bee, accused by Andy as being a hopeless gossip, sets out to prove that the men of Mayberry are even bigger rumormongers than the women.
16 173207 The Beauty Contest January 23, 1961
The Mayberry town council wants to end the annual Founder's Day celebration with a beauty contest, with Andy chosen to pick the winner. The result is pandemonium as candidates of all shapes and sizes descend on the hapless "judge".
17 Oldlace1 Alcohol and Old Lace January 30, 1961
Opie comes to the courthouse talking about a "flower-making machine" owned by sisters Clarabelle and Jennifer Morrison, the spinsters who run the local flower shop. Andy and Barney do a little investigating and discover the contraption is actually a still and the kindly sisters are in the moonshining business!
18 173209 Andy the Marriage Counselor February 6, 1961
Mayberry newcomers Fred and Jennie Boone are constantly causing domestic disturbances with their fighting, so Andy decides to play marriage counselor to the bickering couple - with disastrous results!
19 Mayberryonrecord Mayberry on Record February 13, 1961
A record promoter arrives in Mayberry, intent on making a recording of the region's local folk music, but Andy becomes wary of the stranger and suspects he might be a con artist seeking some fast cash.
20 Barney'smorale Andy Saves Barney's Morale February 20, 1961
When Andy has to leave Mayberry for the day to testify in a court case held in Centerville, Deputy Barney Fife is left in charge of the sheriff's department - and he proceeds to arrest everyone in Mayberry!
21 GentlemanDan Andy and the Gentleman Crook February 27, 1960
A notorious, nationally known con man dubbed "Gentleman Dan" becomes a hero of epic proportions to Aunt Bee, Opie and Barney when he is held for two days in the Mayberry jail.
22 Cyranoandy1 Cyrano Andy March 6, 1961
Andy makes an earnest attempt at matchmaking to help Barney win the heart of his girlfriend Thelma Lou. Things go fine at first... until Barney misinterprets Andy's efforts and thinks he's trying to steal her away!
23 Housekeepers Andy and Opie Housekeepers March 13, 1961
Aunt Bee must leave Mayberry to care for a sick cousin, but not before scolding Andy and Opie for their messy housekeeping habits. The two are determined to clean house before she returns - a project that suddenly accelerates when she phones to say she'll be coming home earlier then expected!
24 DrBenson The New Doctor March 27, 1961
Andy must make a hasty, ill-advised marriage proposal to Ellie Walker after he comes convinced that the new, handsome young doctor in town is trying to steal his girl.
25 PlaqueMayberry A Plaque for Mayberry April 3, 1961
The Women's Historical Society is all set to throw a celebration in honor of the last living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero named Nathan Tibbs, who has been traced to Mayberry. But their excitement turns to horror when they discover that the intended honoree is the town drunk, Otis Campbell.
26 The inspector The Inspector April 10, 1961
When a state inspector arrives in Mayberry to check the jail and courthouse, Andy and Barney are shocked to discover he's a by-the-book stickler for rules and regulations. Things look shaky until Andy is able to demonstrate the "Mayberry way" of fighting crime.
27 Frankie Ellie Saves a Female April 17, 1961
Ellie Walker takes pity on a shy tomboy named "Frankie" Flint and is determined to give a "Cinderella" makeover to the young girl - much to her gruff father's displeasure.
28 RummagesaleAndyForecloses Andy Forecloses April 24, 1961
Andy, faced with the unpleasant task of serving an eviction notice on a family who has fallen on hard times, tries desperately to come up with a way for the tenants to keep their home.
29 Quietsam3 Quiet Sam May 1, 1961
Barney is convinced that the new, mysterious farmer in town warrants further investigation. Andy finally agrees to pay a visit to the man's farm - and finds himself drawn into a predicament he never imagined he'd find himself in.
30 Barneygetsman2 Barney Gets His Man May 8, 1961
Barney's reputation as a deputy soars when he inadvertently helps capture Eddie Brooke, an escaped convict. But Brooke vows to escape again and head straight back to Mayberry to exact his revenge.
31 Jimreturns The Guitar Player Returns May 15, 1961
The good folks of Mayberry welcome the return of Jim Lindsey, a local guitar player who has made it big playing for Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat.
32 Bringing up Opie Bringing Up Opie May 22, 1961
After being scolded by Aunt Bee, Opie decides to run away from home... a plan that quickly turns into a series of eye-opening - and sometimes dangerous - adventures for Opie and a scare for both Aunt Bee and Andy.

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