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A list of The Andy Griffith Show and Spin-Off Series Terminology[]


  • Act like somebody: act good, behave.
  • A-braggin': bragging
  • A-gin: against
  • A-tall: At all
  • A-piling up: gathering a lot
  • Arm an' a leg: an awful lot


  • Back off: a long time ago
  • Banger: banjo
  • Blooey: the instance of a loaded goat exploding, as described by Barney


  • Caterwauling: long wailing cries, as cats in rutting time.
  • Chickie: person
  • Clankered Up: Locked in jail
  • Cleaning-ist: cleanest
  • Clear as crystal: very clear
  • Clink: another term for jail
  • Clinky-dink: another term for jail
  • Cotton: show affection
  • Crocked: Drunk


  • Diddly boo: next to nothing
  • Diversifyin': Reducing risk by investing in a variety of assets
  • Doohickey(s): thing
  • Dough: money
  • Downright: totally
  • Do: party, as in "I'm having a little do at my pad"



  • Fair to Middlin': Doing pretty good
  • Falsifyin': lying
  • Fellas: Men
  • Fiberdegibit: Aunt Bee's term for "Nonsense!"
  • Flapping you lip: Speaking out of turn
  • Fell Off: Lost a lot of weight
  • Fixin': preparing to perform an action/task; "I'm fixin' to get angry!"


  • Gassed: Drunk
  • Gas it up: Start talking
  • Good sized cramp: debt
  • Give me some Good: Kiss me
  • Gitar (g ee tar): Guitar


  • Heavy-up: raise
  • Hick: country/goof
  • Hickville: a small town
  • Highfalutin': fancy
  • High-old time: good time


  • Inarculated: Inoculated.
  • Interloper: a person who becomes involved in a place or situation where they are not wanted or are considered not to belong.


  • Jawin: Talk or have a conversation.


  • Kin: family


  • Mighty: very
  • Mollycoddling: Treat (someone) very indulgently or protectively.
  • Mosein' along: moving along
  • Motorcicle: Motorcycle
  • Much obliged: thank you
  • Moon: moonshine; illegal achohol


  • Nave: Barney's way of saying "Naive", Naive meaning to be gullible.
  • Naw: No
  • Nip It in the Bud: stop some behavior or event from continuing


  • Old country: England
  • Opum it.: "Open it" said with the mouth closed on 2nd syllable of 'opum'. Andy said this to Aunt Bea about her letter from Roger Hanover. "Opum it! Opum it! Opum it!"


  • Passed on: died
  • Pasos: Mexican dollar
  • Paw: Pa, Father
  • Peach of an idea: very good idea
  • Pickin at: teasing
  • Pikers: A cheap person
  • Plumb decent: really decent
  • Poor as Job's Turkey: really poor
  • Preachin' : church service
  • Pretty Penny: expensive


  • Reckon: "I suppose."
  • Riled up: To stir up
  • Rip-Snorter: A good, fun time
  • Roll or Pay Roll: a large amount of money
  • Rotten apples: mean, ornery people
  • Rubes: hick, country
  • Running with: dating someone


  • Samoyas: The term is "semolians," a slang term for cash.
  • Set of threads: suit or nice clothes
  • Shazam: an expression used by Gomer when he is surprised or shocked
  • Sheriffin': The discharge of duties as Sheriff (e.g. 3-8in' and 4-2in').
  • Simmer down: calm down
  • Smith Brothers institution: The Smithsonian
  • Snoot full: being drunk
  • Spattin': arguing
  • Some smart: brilliance
  • Soused: drunk
  • Stow it: be quiet, shut up
  • Strangs: Guitar
  • Sugar: A warm greeting or a hug or kiss
  • Sun up: when the sun rises
  • Sun down: when the sun sets


  • Talking ugly: Using swear words
  • That's the time!: When something is highly agreeable
  • Therapetic: Therapeutic
  • Tiddly: Drunk
  • Tick a lock: Keep quiet and don't talk about something
  • Twang box: Brisco Darling's way of saying "guitar"
  • Twixt: Be'Twixt (between) two people.
  • 'Tween: Between


  • What-cha: What are you? or possibly asking what a person is "up-to"?
  • Worsh: Wash
  • Worsh line: wash line, clothes line
  • Winder': window
  • "What's the damage?": "What do I owe you?"


  • Yappin': talking
  • Yonder: A distance away