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Episodes listed in order of original broadcast date.

Season 1[]


# Image Title Airdate Synopsis
0 Dannymeetsandy.jpg "Danny Meets Andy Griffith" February 15,1960 While traveling through the town of Mayberry, Danny Williams is pulled over for running a stop sign by Sheriff Andy Taylor.
1 The New housekeeper.JPG "The New House Keeper" October 3, 1960 Andy and Opie are in need of a new housekeeper. Andy's Aunt Bee Taylor looks like the perfect candidate and moves in, but her presence causes friction with Opie.
2 TheManhunt (50).jpg "The Manhunt" October 10, 1960 Andy and his bumbling deputy, Barney Fife, offer to help track down an escaped convict.
3 Guitar player.jpg "The Guitar Player" October 17, 1960 A gifted guitar player who has self-doubts about his musical talent gets a chance at stardom - with a little push from Andy.
4 Elliecomes243.jpg "Ellie Comes to Town" October 24, 1960 When Mayberry's local pharmacist falls ill, his niece Ellie Walker steps in as a temporary replacement - and creates turmoil with the town's resident hypochondriac.
5 IrresistibleAndy (62).jpg "Irresistible Andy" October 31, 1960 It's the annual church picnic, and when Andy invites Ellie to the event, he begins to over-react and suspect that she only has marriage on her mind.
6 Runawaykid.jpg "Runaway Kid" November 7, 1960 Andy teaches Opie about how important it is to keep a promise, only to have that lesson conflict with his need to help Opie's friend who ran away from home.
7 MissRosemary.jpg "Andy the Matchmaker" November 14, 1960 Andy and Ellie decide to stage a fake robbery to help Barney's ego - a scheme which turns Barney into a real hero.
8 1x08-Opie-s-Charity-the-andy-griffith-show-17880185-640-480.jpg "Opie's Charity" November 28, 1960 Andy is dismayed when Opie refuses to contribute money to the school charity drive.
9 Feud1.png "A Feud Is a Feud" December 5, 1960 Andy hopes to finally bring peace to two of the county's longtime feuding families, the Carters and the Wakefields.
10 N7.png "Ellie for Council" December 12, 1960 It's a battle of the sexes when Ellie Walker decides to become the very first woman to run for a seat on the Mayberry City Council.
11 Christmas.J.jpg "The Christmas Story" December 19, 1960 Mayberry's local "Scrooge," storeowner Ben Weaver, manages to have harmless bootlegger Sam Muggins thrown into jail on Christmas.
12 Edsawyer.jpg "Stranger in Town" December 26, 1960 Ed Sawyer, a mysterious stranger, arrives in Mayberry and disrupts the lives of the townspeople because he appears to know everyone's name, intimate details about their lives.
13 Mayberry Goes Hollywood (105).jpg "Mayberry Goes Hollywood" January 2, 1961 A Hollywood producer chooses idyllic Mayberry as the backdrop for his next movie, and the entire town goes into a frenzy as they gear up for the anticipated glamour.
14 HorseTrader.jpg "The Horse Trader" January 9, 1961 Andy performs some slick dealings with an antiques dealer to get rid of the town's old, worthless cannon.
15 Gossipin1.jpg "Those Gossipin' Men" January 16, 1961 Aunt Bee, accused by Andy as being a hopeless gossip, sets out to prove that the men of Mayberry are even bigger rumormongers than the women.
16 173207.jpg "The Beauty Contest" January 23, 1961 The Mayberry town council wants to end the annual Founder's Day celebration with a beauty contest, with Andy chosen to pick the winner.
17 Oldlace1.jpg "Alcohol and Old Lace" January 30, 1961 Opie comes to the courthouse talking about a "flower-making machine" owned by sisters Clarabelle and Jennifer Morrison, when Andy realizes the flowers smell like alcohol.
18 173209.jpg "Andy the Marriage Counselor" February 6, 1961 Mayberry newcomers Fred and Jennie Boone are constantly causing domestic disturbances with their fighting.
19 Mayberryonrecord.jpg "Mayberry on Record" February 13, 1961 A record promoter arrives in Mayberry, intent on making a recording of the region's local folk music, but Andy becomes wary of the stranger.
20 Barney'smorale.jpg "Andy Saves Barney's Morale" February 20, 1961 When Andy has to leave Mayberry for the day to testify in a court case held in Centerville, Deputy Barney Fife is left in charge of the sheriff's department.
21 GentlemanDan.jpg "Andy and the Gentleman Crook" February 27, 1960 A notorious, nationally known con man dubbed "Gentleman Dan" becomes a hero of epic proportions to Aunt Bee, Opie and Barney when he is held for two days in the Mayberry jail.
22 Cyranoandy1.jpg "Cyrano Andy" March 6, 1961 Andy makes an attempt to help match-make Barney and win the heart of his girlfriend Thelma Lou, only for Barney to read things wrong.
23 Housekeepers.jpg "Andy and Opie Housekeepers" March 13, 1961 Andy and Opie have a hard time keeping a clean house while Aunt Bee is away.
24 DrBenson.jpg "The New Doctor" March 27, 1961 Andy grows jealous over the new doctor that comes to Mayberry, believing he is taking Ellie away.
25 PlaqueMayberry.png "A Plaque for Mayberry" April 3, 1961 Otis Campbell discovers he is the last living descendant of a Revolutionary War hero named Nathan Tibbs.
26 The inspector.jpg "The Inspector" April 10, 1961 A state inspector arrives in Mayberry and Andy and Barney are shocked to discover he's a by-the-book stickler for rules and regulations.
27 Frankie.jpg "Ellie Saves a Female" April 17, 1961 Ellie Walker helps a tomboy named "Frankie" Flint and is determined to give a makeover to the young girl.
28 RummagesaleAndyForecloses.png "Andy Forecloses" April 24, 1961 Andy helps a family who is being evicted from their home.
29 Quietsam3.png "Quiet Sam" May 1, 1961 Barney is convinced that a mysterious farmer is up to no good.
30 Barneygetsman2.jpg "Barney Gets His Man" May 8, 1961 Barney's reputation as a deputy soars when he inadvertently helps capture Eddie Brooke, an escaped convict.
31 Jimreturns.jpg "The Guitar Player Returns" May 15, 1961 Jim Lindsey, a local guitar player who has made it big, returns playing for the band Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat.
32 Bringing up Opie.jpg "Bringing Up Opie" May 22, 1961 After being scolded by Aunt Bee, Opie decides to run away from home..

Season 2[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 Opieandbully231.jpg Opie and the Bully October 2, 1961
Sheriff Andy Taylor must decide whether to intervene or let the problem work itself out when a bully demands Opie's lunch money at school.
02 BarneyReplaceMain.jpg Barney's Replacement October 9, 1961
When an attorney is sent to Mayberry for law enforcement training, Barney mistakenly believes the man is his replacement and quits the police force to become a vacuum-cleaner salesman.
03 Andyandthewomanspeeed.jpg Andy and the Woman Speeder October 16, 1961
Andy gives an attractive young woman from Washington D.C. a speeding ticket. She proceeds to manipulate the townsfolk with her charm and wit in order to undermine Andy's case against her.
04 MayberryGoesBankrupt.jpg Mayberry Goes Bankrupt October 23, 1961
After the town council forces Andy to evict a poor elderly man for not paying back taxes, a 100-year old savings bond issued by the city of Mayberry is discovered among the man's possessions. Now the city apparently owes him $349,119.27.
05 MelissaStevens.jpg Barney on the Rebound October 30, 1961
Barney is taken with a new girl in town and he and Thelma Lou have a lover's quarrel and declare their freedom from each other.
06 HoboFriendMain.jpg Opie's Hobo Friend November 13, 1961
Andy and Opie are going fishing when they come across a wanderer who impresses Opie with his good humor and 'magic fish talk'. The man's name is Dave Browne and it isn't long before Barney hauls him before Andy for vagrancy. Dave isn't booked and he continues to form a bond with Opie.
07 Crimefree.jpg Crime-Free Mayberry November 20, 1961
The town of Mayberry is awarded with having the lowest crime rate in the country. Two men posing as an FBI agent and press photographer come to Mayberry to congratulate the town. Andy, Barney, and the rest of the town do not realize that the two are actually impostors and partners in crime preparing to rob the Mayberry Security Bank.
08 The Perfect Female 11.jpg The Perfect Female November 27, 1961
When Thelma Lou's attractive cousin, Karen, comes to town, Thelma and Barney scheme to get her and Andy together.
09 BriefEncounter.jpg Aunt Bee's Brief Encounter December 4, 1961
Aunt Bee has hired Mr. Wheeler to help with the flowers around the Taylor home. Andy's not to sure about him but Aunt Bee is quite taken with him. When Andy notices how taken with him Aunt Bee is he relaxes and agrees to let him stay on and help around the house.
10 ClubmenMain.jpg The Clubmen December 11, 1961
Roger Courtney invites Andy to come up to the state capital and meet the membership committee of The Esquire club and be considered for membership. Andy accepts the offer but tells him he'll be bringing Barney along also. Barney is very excited at the prospect of joining this exclusive club but he's worried that Andy may need a bit of polishing.
11 Opie Pickle.jpg The Pickle Story December 18, 1961
Aunt Bee and Clara Johnson are both jarring homemade pickles. The only difference is that Clara's are good enough to have won the blue ribbon at the fair eleven years counting while Aunt Bee's taste like they've been floating in kerosene.
12 SheriffBarney1.jpg Sheriff Barney December 25, 1961
When Barney is offered the job of Sheriff in a nearby town, he and Andy trade jobs for a day to see what what kind Sheriff he would be.
13 FarmerWife.jpg The Farmer Takes a Wife January 1, 1962
Jeff Pruitt, a farmer from the hills, comes to Mayberry in search of a wife. He expects to spend a single afternoon on his search. He enlists Barney and Andy's help.
14 Keeperf1.jpg The Keeper of the Flame January 8, 1962
Opie joins a secret club and is in charge of the candle they use in their meetings. After the barn where they meet burns down, he is accused by the owner of starting the fire
15 Pictures 024.jpg Bailey's Bad Boy January 15, 1962
Andy teaches self-reliance and responsibility to the spoiled son of a rich man.
16 Manicurist.jpg The Manicurist January 22, 1962
When a pretty young manicurist starts working in Floyd's Barbershop. The men are uneasy about it at first, but eventually take to the idea in a big way. Their jealous wives, however, do not.
17 HenryBennett.jpg The Jinx January 29, 1962
Barney, Floyd, and other townspeople are convinced that local resident Henry Bennett is responsible for many mishaps that have occurred in Mayberry.
18 JailbreakMalloy.jpg Jailbreak February 5, 1962
The state police come to town to catch some payroll robbers. They want Andy and Barney to stay out of the way and let them handle it. The big boys end up needing Andy and Barney more than they thought.
19 MedalforOpie3.jpg A Medal for Opie February 12, 1962
Opie decides that he's going to enter the 50 yard dash at the Sheriff's Day boys' races and he convinces himself that he's going to win.
20 Barneyandthechoir.jpg Barney and the Choir February 19, 1962
When the awful sound coming from the Mayberry choir is narrowed down to Barney, the members decide they must get rid of him.
21 Honorguest.jpg Guest of Honor February 26, 1961
A pickpocket is made guest of honor at a Mayberry celebration.
22 MerchantMayberry.jpg The Merchant of Mayberry March 5, 1962
Andy and Barney help weary, foot sore salesman Bert Miller set up his goods on a vacant lot.
23 BeeWarden.jpg Aunt Bee the Warden March 12, 1962
Aunt Bee takes it upon herself to reform Otis.
24 CountyNurse1.jpg The County Nurse March 19, 1962
A farmer resists the county's tetanus shot program.
25 BarneyCity.jpg Andy and Barney in the Big City March 26, 1962
Andy and Barney travel to Raleigh on business and help catch a jewel thief in their hotel.
26 BellsforBee.jpg Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee April 2, 1962
After Clara convinces Aunt Bee that Andy can't possibly find a wife as long as she's still living with him, Bee begins half-heartedly searching for a man she can marry herself off to.
27 ThreesACrowd.jpg Three's a Crowd April 9, 1962
Barney frustrates Andy's attempts to become better acquainted with county nurse Mary Simpson.
28 Bookie1.jpg The Bookie Barber April 16, 1962
When business gets too hectic, Floyd hires a second barber who turns out to be a bookie. Barney goes undercover as an old lady to catch them.
29 Andy on trial 6.JPG Andy on Trial April 23, 1962
J. Howard Jackson, an unscrupulous publisher and his associate Jean Boswell try to undermine Andy's position in Mayberry.
30 Virgil.jpg Cousin Virgil April 30, 1962
Barney's awkward cousin visits and makes a mess of everything he tries. When Andy finds something that Virgil is good at, he finds a way to teach him self-confidence.
31 DeputyOtis.png Deputy Otis May 7, 1962
Otis is made a temporary deputy so he can impress his visiting older brother.

Season 3[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 MrMcBe.jpg Mr. McBeevee October 1, 1962
Opie starts talking about his new friend Mr. McBeevee, but his description is hard to believe.
02 RichGF.jpg Andy's Rich Girlfriend October 8, 1962
Andy has a rich girlfriend who accuses him of being a snob.
03 NewMayor.jpg Andy and the New Mayor October 15, 1962
Mayberry's new mayor doesn't like Andy or the way he does his job.
04 And opie bachelors kitchen mess MAIN infbox.jpg Andy and Opie Bachelors October 22, 1962
Aunt Bee leaves town for a few days, leaving Andy and Opie to take care of themselves. When Peggy volunteers to cook for them, Floyd tries to convince Andy that she is trying to catch a husband.
05 Theif.jpg The Cow Thief October 29, 1962
The mayor calls in an investigator from the state capital to help solve a string of cow thefts.
06 Mend3Main.jpg Barney Mends a Broken Heart November 5, 1962
Andy has a tantrum when Peggy entertains a friend from out of town.
07 Law3.jpg Lawman Barney November 12, 1962
Barney confronts two farmers selling produce illegally.
08 BandMain.jpg The Mayberry Band November 19, 1962
Mayberry's town band is the worst in the state and Mayor Stoner refuses to allow them to go to the state capital to preform.
09 MGrayson.jpg Floyd the Gay Deceiver October 1, 1962
Floyd tries to impress his pen pal Madeline Grayson by posing as a wealthy man.
10 Rival1.jpg Opie's Rival December 3, 1962
Andy's new girlfriend is the new county nurse named Peggy. Everyone likes her except Opie, who is jealous of all the time they spend together.
11 Convicts.jpg Convicts-at-Large December 10, 1962
Barney and Floyd run out of gas while coming home from a fishing trip. They find while looking for a telephone and are captured by three female escaped convicts.
12 JacketMAIN.jpg The Bed Jacket December 17, 1962
Aunt Bee wants a pretty bed jacket for her birthday.
13 Bank job barney main page pic.png The Bank Job December 24, 1962
Barney demonstrates the bank's vulnerability to robberies.
14 OnePunchOpie.jpg One-Punch Opie December 31, 1962
A new boy in town causes trouble.
15 BarneyAndTheGovernor (179).jpg Barney and the Governor January 7, 1963
Barney issues a citation when the governor's chauffeur parks in a no parking zone.
16 Manhurry.jpg Man in a Hurry January 14, 1963
A motorist becomes frustrated with Mayberry's simple, relaxed ways.
17 HighNoon4MAIN.jpg High Noon in Mayberry January 21, 1963
A man Andy put behind bars returns to Mayberry.
18 Goat.jpg The Loaded Goat January 28, 1963
Andy and Barney devise a plan to save a dynamite-eating goat.
19 ClassReun.jpg Class Reunion February 4, 1963
Andy meets an old girlfriend at his high school reunion.
20 RafeMAIN.jpg Rafe Hollister Sings February 11, 1963
Rafe Hollister represents Mayberry at a formal musical event.
21 Spoliled1.jpg Opie and the Spoiled Kid February 18, 1963
Opie's work ethic is corrupted by a spoiled friend.
22 Robb1.jpg The Great Filling Station Robbery February 25, 1963
Andy suspects young Jimmy Morgan is robbing Wally's Filling Station.
23 Andydiscoversamerica.jpg Andy Discovers America March 4, 1963
Andy gets into hot water with Opie's new teacher Helen Crump.
24 MedMan23.jpg Aunt Bee's Medicine Man March 11, 1963
Colonel Harvey, a traveling medicine man comes to Mayberry and captivates Aunt Bee.
25 DarlingsareComing.jpg The Darlings Are Coming March 18, 1963
The musical mountain family descends upon Mayberry.
26 Valet.jpg Andy's English Valet March 25, 1963
An Englishman works off a fine by acting as Andy's valet.
27 CarMAIN.jpg Barney's First Car April 1, 1963
An elderly con woman sells Barney a car.
28 Rivals.jpg The Rivals April 8, 1963
Opie falls in love with Thelma Lou.
29 Wife2.jpg A Wife for Andy April 15, 1963
Barney plays matchmaker for Andy.
30 DogsMAIN.jpg Dogs, Dogs, Dogs April 22, 1963
The courthouse is overrun with dogs.
31 Andy7.jpg Mountain Wedding April 29, 1963
Ernest Bass makes his intentions known to Charlene Darling.
32 TheBigHouse1.jpg The Big House May 6, 1963
When the Mayberry jail is called upon to lodge two hold-up men captured by the state police, Barney finds himself with more than he can handle.

Season 4[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 OpieBird.png Opie the Birdman September 30, 1963
Opie hand-raises three orphaned baby birds, after accidentally killing the mother bird.
02 AndyGriffithShowRemshawHouse52.jpg The Haunted House October 7, 1963
Barney and Gomer try to retrieve a baseball from a supposedly haunted house and find some strange goings on inside.
03 ErnestArmy1.jpg Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army October 14, 1963
Ernest T. Bass wants to join the Army
04 Sermon4.png The Sermon for Today October 21, 1963
A visiting minister advises the people of Mayberry to relax.
05 Brisc3.jpg Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee October 28, 1963
Briscoe Darling woos Aunt Bee and carries her off to his mountain cabin.
06 Gomerthehosueguest.jpg Gomer the House Guest November 4, 1963
Gomer moves into the Taylor House after losing his job at Wally's Filling Station.
07 Blackday.jpg A Black Day for Mayberry November 11, 1963
A shipment of gold passes through Mayberry on its way to Fort Knox.
08 Illgottengain.jpg Opie's Ill-Gotten Gain November 18, 1963
Opie gets a new bicycle as a reward for his good report card.
09 MaryGrace.jpg A Date for Gomer November 25, 1963
Gomer has a date with Thelma Lou's cousin Mary Grace.
10 Room2.jpg Up in Barney's Room December 2, 1963
Barney gets thrown out of his apartment.
11 Citizensarest.jpg Citizen's Arrest December 16, 1963
When Barney tickets Gomer, Gomer decides turnabout is fair play.
12 Merry1.jpg Opie and His Merry Men December 30, 1963
A hobo gets Opie and his friends to provide him with food.
13 CaveMAIN.jpg Barney and the Cave Rescue January 6, 1964
After a landslide traps Andy and Helen in a cave, all Mayberry sets off to the rescue.
14 Andyandopiespal563.jpg Andy and Opie's Pal January 13, 1964
Opie is jealous of the attention his father pays to a friend.
15 AndyGriffithShowExtraJSeason4Epi-5.jpg Aunt Bee the Crusader January 20, 1964
Aunt Bee stages a protest when a farmer is threatened with eminent domain.
16 Barney'ssidecar.jpg Barney's Sidecar January 27, 1964
Barney invests into a motorcycle, which quickly becomes a town nuisance.
17 Fair2MAIN.jpg My Fair Ernest T. Bass February 3, 1964
Andy tries to pass off Ernest T. as a sophisticate at a swanky party.
18 PrisonerMain.jpg Prisoner of Love February 10, 1964
A female prisoner tries to work her magic on Andy and Barney.
19 Rod1.jpg Hot Rod Otis February 17, 1964
Otis surprises everyone when he purchases a car.
20 AndyGomerBarney.jpg The Song Festers February 24, 1964
Barney is the only tenor in the choir. When a tenor solo part is required and the choir director is desperate to find someone else to sing the part. Gomer becomes the replacement. Note: Ronny Howard does not appear in this episode.
21 Shoplifters.jpg The Shoplifters March 2, 1964
Ben Weaver complains to the Mayberry sheriff's office that merchandise has been disappearing from his department store. While Andy investigates, Barney decides to go undercover to catch the crook(s).
22 VacationMAIN.jpg Andy's Vacation March 9, 1964
Barney continuously interrupts Andy's vacation plans.
23 AndyGriffithShowExtraJSeason4Epi-2.jpg Andy Saves Gomer March 16, 1964
Gomer believes Andy has saved his life, so he continuously tries to repay him.
24 BargainMAIN.jpg Bargain Day March 23, 1964
Aunt Bee stores a side of beef in a faulty freezer.
25 Barneyhorse1.jpg Divorce, Mountain Style March 30, 1964
Charlene Darling uses a mountain ritual to divorce Dud Wash and marry Andy.
26 AndyGriffithShowExtraJSeason4Epi-3.jpg A Deal Is a Deal April 6, 1964
Opie and his friends get involved in a scheme selling a worthless product called 'Miracle Salve'.
27 FunGirlsMain.jpg The Fun Girls (episode) April 13, 1964
Helen and Thelma Lou catch Andy and Barney with The Fun Girls.
28 Malcom65.jpg The Return of Malcolm Merriweather April 20, 1964
Aunt Bee feels unneeded when Malcom Merriweather pays a visit.
29 Rumor.jpg The Rumor April 27, 1964
Barney, Aunt Bee, and Thelma Lou believe Andy and Helen are engaged.
30 Barney and thelma lou pfft gomer.jpg Barney and Thelma Lou - Phfftt May 4, 1964
Thelma Lou uses Gomer to make Barney jealous.
31 Nature1.jpg Back to Nature May 11, 1964
Andy and Barney take Opie and his friends on a camping trip.
32 Gomer-Pyle USMC.jpg Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (episode) May 18, 1964
Gomer leaves Mayberry to join the United States Marine Corps.

Season 5[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 Opieloveshelen34.jpg Opie Loves Helen September 21, 1964
Opie has a crush on his teacher Helen Crump and buys her a pair of stockings.
02 Barneys Physical.png Barney's Physical September 28, 1964
On Barney's fifth anniversary with the sheriff's department, Andy learns that Barney's job is in jeopardy when the state passes new height and weight requirements.
03 Family99.jpg The Family Visit October 5, 1964
The Taylors find that a visit from relatives comes with complications.
04 ERnest3.jpg The Education of Ernest T. Bass October 12, 1964
Ernest returns to school to win a girl's affection.
05 BeeRo1.jpg Aunt Bee's Romance October 19, 1964
Andy dislikes Aunt Bee's old boyfriend Roger Hanover.
06 Bllue.jpg Barney's Bloodhound October 26, 1964
Barney tries to train a dog to do police work.
07 ManMidd.jpg Man in the Middle November 2, 1964
Barney and Thelma Lou have an argument. They reconcile quickly, but it leads to other arguments between Andy and Barney, Thelma Lou and Helen, Andy and Helen, and another between Barney and Thelma Lou.
08 Uniform3.png Barney's Uniform November 9, 1964
When a tough guy threatens to beat up Barney if he catches him out of uniform, Barney begins to wear the uniform all the time.
09 Fort1.jpg Opie's Fortune November 16, 1964
Opie finds a change purse with $50 in it.
10 GBsheriff.png Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor November 23, 1964
Andy considers taking a job in Raleigh, and lets Barney take over as sheriff for a day to prepare him for the office.
11 Pa3.jpg The Pageant November 30, 1964
Aunt Bee auditions for the role of Lady Mayberry in the town pageant.
12 DarlingBaby032.jpg The Darling Baby December 7, 1964
The musical Darling family descends upon Mayberry again. This time they are looking for a husband for Charlene's new baby daughter.
13 Andy and helen day.jpg Andy and Helen Have Their Day December 14, 1964
Andy and Helen go on a picnic but are plagued by constant interruptions from Barney, Goober and others.
14 3wishes4opie105.jpg Three Wishes for Opie December 21, 1964
Barney buys a fortune-telling game and lets Opie try it out.
15 OtisSues.jpg Otis Sues the County December 28, 1964
After Otis slips in the courthouse, a lawyer convinces him to sue the county.
16 BarneyRealtor.jpg Barney Fife, Realtor January 4, 1965
Barney decides to try his hand at the real estate business.
17 Goobertakecarapart.jpg Goober Takes a Car Apart January 11, 1965
Goober assembles a car in the courthouse.
18 Rod4MAIN.jpg The Rehabilitation of Otis January 18, 1965
Barney tries to rehabilitate Otis after he rides a cow, thinking it is a horse. Barney arrests Otis when it happens again, even using handcuffs. Otis leaves town and vows to never return.
19 The Lucky Letter095.jpg The Lucky Letter January 25, 1965
Barney regrets throwing away a chain letter.
20 GooberARt1.jpg Goober and the Art of Love February 1, 1965
When Andy and Barney get tired of Goober tagging along on their dates, they decide to try teaching him how to act around women and then get him to ask a girl on a date. It proves to be quite a project.
21 BarneySheriff.jpg Barney Runs for Sheriff February 8, 1965
Andy misses the filing deadline for the election.
22 IfIhadQuarter.jpg If I Had a Quarter Million February 15, 1965
Barney finds $250,000 from a bank heist, then goes undercover to find the robber.
23 TVorNOTtv.jpg TV or Not TV March 1, 1965
Bank robbers posing as TV producers come to Mayberry.
24 GuestHouse.jpg Guest in the House March 8, 1965
An old friend of Andy's comes to visit and Helen grows jealous.
25 Caseofthepunchinnose.jpg The Case of the Punch in the Nose March 15, 1965
Barney feeds the flames of a quarrel.
26 OpiesNewspaper.jpg Opie's Newspaper March 22, 1965
Opie prints some unsavory gossip in his newspaper.
27 AuntBeeBeau.jpg Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau March 29, 1965
Aunt Bee tells Andy she's dating the butter and egg man.
28 ArrestFungirls038.jpg The Arrest of the Fun Girls April 5, 1965
Andy and Barney hope Helen and Thelma Lou won't find out they've had to arrest The Fun Girls.
29 LuckNewton.jpg The Luck of Newton Monroe April 12, 1965
A new man in town is an oaf.
30 OpieFlunks.jpg Opie Flunks Arithmetic April 19, 1965
Andy wants Opie to improve his study habits.
31 OpieCarnival065.jpg Opie and the Carnival April 26, 1965
Opie wants to win a prize at a shooting gallery.
32 Banjo2.jpg Banjo-Playing Deputy May 3, 1965
Andy hires an unemployed musician.

Season 6[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 Opiesjob34.jpg Opie's Job September 13, 1965
Opie gets a part-time job in a grocery store, but gives it up because another boy needs employment more.
02 AndysRival.jpg Andy's Rival September 20, 1965
Andy becomes jealous when he realizes that a handsome new teacher is spending evenings with his girlfriend, Helen.
03 CrossingGuard.jpg Malcolm at the Crossroads September 27, 1965
Andy hires Ernest T. Bass as a school crossing guard and compounds the problem by replacing him with British bicycler, Malcolm Merriweather.
04 AuntBeeswinger1.jpg Aunt Bee the Swinger October 4, 1965
Aunt Bee and her new boyfriend aren't as young as they used to be - or as they first thought.
05 Warren.jpg The Bazaar October 11, 1965
Andy's new eager-beaver deputy, Warren Ferguson, jails Aunt Bee and her friends for gambling (bingo) at their charity bazaar.
06 Warning from warren34.jpg A Warning from Warren October 18, 1965
Andy's deputy upsets his weekend when he insists his ESP predicts a picnic will end in disaster.
07 OffToHollywood.jpg Off to Hollywood October 25, 1965
The Taylors leave for a Hollywood vacation.
08 Taylorsinhollywood352.jpg The Taylors in Hollywood November 1, 1965
The Taylors start an exciting vacation in Hollywood, including a visit to the set of a movie based on Andy's life, "Sheriff Without a Gun".
09 TheHollywoodParty.jpg The Hollywood Party November 8, 1965
Andy poses for a picture with a Hollywood starlet and his romance with Helen is jolted when it appears in the Mayberry paper.
10 AuntBeeOnTV.jpg Aunt Bee on TV November 15, 1965
Aunt Bee wins a kitchen-full of new appliances on a TV show but loses all her friends.
11 TheCannon.jpg The Cannon November 22, 1965
Warren captures a pair of thieves through sheer stupidity about the functions of a cannon.
12 AMansBestFriend.jpg A Man's Best Friend November 29, 1965
Goober has dreams of entering show business when he thinks he owns a genuine talking dog.
13 AuntBeeTakesAJob.jpg Aunt Bee Takes a Job December 6, 1965
Aunt Bee gets a job at the town print shop where the new proprietors are really counterfeiters.
14 ThechurchOrgan.jpg The Church Organ December 13, 1965
Andy struggles with the financial challenge of helping the All Souls Church buy a new church organ.
15 GirlShy05.jpg Girl-Shy December 20, 1965
Girl-shy Warren turns into a sleep walking Casanova after watching his suave hero on television.
16 OtistheArtist.jpg Otis the Artist January 3, 1966
Warren starts Otis, the town drunk, on a therapeutic art career.
17 Returntofbarn.jpg The Return of Barney Fife January 10, 1966
Barney makes a triumphal return to Mayberry to attend his high school reunion and is elated to find Thelma Lou will be attending...until he learns she is with her new husband.
18 Thelegend.png The Legend of Barney Fife January 17, 1966
While visiting Mayberry, Barney is forced to display his "legendary courage" by going after an escaped convict.
19 Lost01.jpg Lost and Found January 24, 1966
Aunt Bee collects insurance for the loss of an antique jeweled pin. After she spends the money, she finds the missing heirloom.
20 Wyatt03.jpg Wyatt Earp Rides Again January 31, 1966
The supposed descendant of the famous Wyatt Earp rides into Mayberry. He demands a duel with Andy after he considers his family honor to be insulted.
21 1159-6-21.jpg Aunt Bee Learns to Drive February 7, 1966
Andy faces some problems when Aunt Bee buys a second-hand car.
22 LookPawImDancing.jpg Look Paw, I'm Dancing February 14, 1966
Reluctant Opie attends his first dancing party, and discovers dancing with girls is fun.
23 1159-6-23.jpg The Gypsies February 21, 1966
Andy has a problem when a band of Gypsies come to town armed with old-world hocus-pocus and modern science.
24 1159-6-24.jpg Eat Your Heart Out February 28, 1966
Goober falls in love with a new waitress in town but she becomes infatuated with Andy.
25 AbabyInTheHouse.jpg A Baby in the House March 7, 1966
Aunt Bee agrees to a week of baby-sitting for her niece and finds the adorable infant adores everyone but her.
26 TheCountyClerk.jpg The County Clerk March 14, 1966
Andy and Helen run into trouble when they promote a romance between the County Clerk, Howard Sprague and the county nurse.
27 TheFosterLady.jpg The Foster Lady March 21, 1966
Aunt Bee almost becomes a star of a television commercial before she decides stardom is not for her.
28 GoobersReplacement.jpg Goober's Replacement March 28, 1966
Goober's girlfriend fills in for him at the filling station and proves so efficient that the boss wants her as Goober's permanent replacement.
29 1159-6-29.jpg The Battle of Mayberry April 4, 1966
Opie upsets the whole town when he discovers that the famous Battle of Mayberry was not the glorious victory that everyone thought it was.
30 025.jpg A Singer in Town April 11, 1966
Aunt Bee's original song about Mayberry is a hit when a Rock 'n' Roll star plays it on his television show.

Season 7[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 Season7Ep1.jpg Opie's Girlfriend September 12, 1966
Opie's friendship with an athletically superior girl blossoms when she follows the advice of an older female and adopts the clinging vine approach.
02 The Lodge sc17.jpg The Lodge September 19, 1966
Goober blackballs Howard when he applies for membership in the Mayberry men's lodge.
03 173383.jpg The Barbershop Quartet September 26, 1966
The Mayberry barbershop quartet loses its tenor when Howard can't go to the singing contest so Andy drafts a prisoner with a beautiful voice.
04 The Ball Game sc52.jpg The Ball Game October 3, 1966
Andy is concerned about the appearance of favoritism when he decides to umpire a crucial junior baseball game for Opie, but ends up angering the town when one of his decisions loses the game for Mayberry.
05 Bee10.jpg Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory October 10, 1966
A visiting pastor's message, ("Be yourself") causes Aunt Bee to don a blonde wig, upsetting Andy and the rest of Mayberry.
06 115642.jpg The Darling Fortune October 17, 1966
Andy and the town of Mayberry undergo a trying experience when the hillbilly Darling family comes into a fortune of $300 and shows up in town looking for brides for the boys.
07 1159-7-7.jpg Mind Over Matter October 31, 1966
Goober's injuries cause his friends to convince him he has a severe case of whiplash and he promptly becomes a helpless invalid.
08 PoliticsBeginatHome.jpg Politics Begin at Home November 7, 1966
Aunt Bee runs against Howard for the office of town councilman.
09 173389.jpg The Senior Play November 14, 1966
Helen Crump and her teenaged students find themselves at odds with the crotchety old school principal over the content of a play, but eventually convince him that today's youngsters are not that different from his own generation's.
10 1159-7-10.jpg Opie Finds a Baby November 21, 1966
Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby. They run into trouble when they innocently try to find it some new parents.
11 173391.jpg Big Fish in a Small Town November 28, 1966
Fishing season begins, and the town's sportsmen are all eager for a chance to catch "Old Sam", the biggest fish in the lake. Howard, a non-fisherman, tags along and antagonizes everybody by catching him.
12 1159-7-12.jpg Only a Rose December 5, 1966
Opie accidentally ruins Aunt Bee's prize rose entry on the eve of the Annual Mayberry Flower Show.
13 The-andy-griffith-show-s7e13-otis-the-deputy-2-2-300x351.jpg Otis the Deputy December 12, 1966
Otis and Howard bunglingly attempt to rescue Andy who has been taken prisoner by a pair of desperate bank-robbers.
14 173394.jpg Goober Makes History December 19, 1966
After growing a beard, inarticulate Goober suddenly becomes a verbose philosopher, and shares his new-found "wisdom" with all his friends.
15 1159-7-15.jpg A New Doctor in Town December 26, 1966
Nobody in Mayberry wants to be the first to see if the town's new doctor is qualified, until Andy shows his faith in the young doctor by letting him remove Opie's tonsils.
16 173396.jpg Don't Miss a Good Bet January 2, 1967
Andy and four of his level-headed friends and relatives are taken in by a con man's get-rich-quick scheme.
17 173397.jpg Dinner at Eight January 9, 1967
Andy looks forward to spending an evening alone in the house. However, due to Goober's error, he has a filling evening when he must eat three spaghetti dinners cooked by thoughtful friends.
18 1159-7-18.jpg A Visit to Barney Fife January 16, 1967
Andy visits Barney, now with the Raleigh police department, and makes a hero out of his bumbling former deputy when he assists him in solving a string of supermarket robberies.
19 173399.jpg Barney Comes to Mayberry January 23, 1967
Detective Barney Fife pays a visit to his old hometown. At the same time, a now-famous movie star who used to date Barney has returned to Mayberry for a motion picture premiere, and Barney is her escort.
20 173400.jpg Andy's Old Girlfriend January 30, 1967
Andy's perennial romance with Helen is jolted a bit when Andy's high school sweetheart moves back to town.
21 1159-7-21.jpg Aunt Bee's Restaurant February 6, 1967
Aunt Bee has a brief fling as co-owner of a Chinese restaurant in Mayberry, but her superstitions stand in the way of her success.
22 115658.jpg Floyd's Barbershop February 13, 1967
Floyd decides to give up his Mayberry barbershop when Howard buys the building and raises the rent $15 a month.
23 1159-7-23.jpg The Statue February 20, 1967
Andy and Aunt Bee learn their ancestor was the state's biggest swindler, just before the town of Mayberry unveils his statue as a hero.
24 RdXPAKjv6jJT1lMpvVTWua.JPG Helen the Authoress February 27, 1967
Helen writes a children's book that is accepted for publication and Andy faces the disquieting prospect of being the fiance of a celebrity.
25 1159-7-25.jpg Goodbye Dolly March 6, 1967
Andy and Opie face the difficult problem of helping an old milk-wagon horse find contentment in retirement.
26 115662.jpg Opie's Piano Lesson March 13, 1967
Opie insists on studying piano until he finds out that football practice and piano practice are incompatible.
27 1159-7-27.jpg Howard the Comedian March 20, 1967
Howard Sprague becomes a comedian and appears on television with jokes about his hometown, and inadvertently rubs his friends the wrong way with his routine.
28 173408.jpg Big Brother March 27, 1967
Howard volunteers to become the Big Brother of a high school boy, which brings a reward he didn't expect.
29 173409.jpg Opie's Most Unforgettable Character April 3, 1967
Opie has trouble coming up with a subject for his writing assignment, and Andy gets distressed when Opie eventually chooses someone else as the subject.
30 1159-7-30.jpg Goober's Contest April 10, 1967
Goober faces disaster when a printing error awards Floyd a large cash prize in his filling station contest.

Season 8[]

# Image Title Airdate
01 OPiesGF1.jpg Opie's First Love September 11, 1967
Synopsis to come.
02 HowardtheBowler.jpg Howard the Bowler September 18, 1967
Synopsis to come.
03 Triptomexico.jpg A Trip to Mexico September 25, 1967
Synopsis to come.
04 ImageSoon.jpg Andy's Trip to Raleigh October 2, 1967
Synopsis to come.
05 ImageSoon.jpg Opie Steps Up in Class October 9, 1967
Synopsis to come.
06 HowardsMainEvent1.png Howard's Main Event October 16, 1967
Synopsis to come.
07 Auntbeejuier.jpg Aunt Bee the Juror October 23, 1967
Synposis to come.
08 ImageSoon.jpg The Tape Recorder October 30, 1967
Synopsis to come.
09 Opiesgroup.jpg Opie's Group November 6, 1967
Opie and his friends start a band.
10 ImageSoon.jpg Aunt Bee and the Lecturer November 13, 1967
Synopsis to come.
11 AndysInvestment.jpg Andy's Investment November 20, 1967
Synposis to come.
12 ImageSoon.jpg Howard and Millie (episode) November 27, 1967
Synopsis to come.
13 AuntBeesCousin5.png Aunt Bee's Cousin December 4, 1967
Synopsis to come.
14 ImageSoon.jpg Suppose Andy Gets Sick December 11, 1967
Synopsis to come.
15 Howard 01.jpg Howard's New Life December 18, 1967
Synposis to come.
16 35.jpg Goober the Executive December 25, 1967
Synopsis to come.
17 AuntBee1.JPG The Mayberry Chef (episode) January 1, 1968
Synopsis to come.
18 ImageSoon.jpg Emmett's Brother-in-Law January 8, 1968
Synopsis to come.
19 ImageSoon.jpg Opie's Drugstore Job January 15, 1968
Synopsis to come.
20 Churchb.jpg The Church Benefactors January 22, 1968
Synopsis to come.
21 SaltPeper1.jpg Barney Hosts a Summit Meeting January 29, 1968
Synopsis to come.
22 Goobergoestoauto.jpg Goober Goes to an Auto Show February 5, 1968
Synopsis to come.
23 Bigmoment1.jpg Aunt Bee's Big Moment February 12, 1968
Synopsis to come.
24 ImageSoon.jpg Helen's Past February 19, 1968
Synopsis to come.
25 ImageSoon.jpg Emmett's Anniversary February 26, 1968
Synopsis to come.
26 ImageSoon.jpg The Wedding March 4, 1968
Synopsis to come.
27 ScreenShot007.jpg Sam for Town Council March 11, 1968
Synopsis to come.
28 Opieandmike.jpg Opie and Mike (episode) March 18, 1968
Synopsis to come.
29 GooberNeedsAGirl.jpg A Girl for Goober March 25, 1968
Synopsis to come.
30 O MAYBERRY RFD-1-.jpg Mayberry R.F.D.
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