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This is a list of characters whose names are mentioned in dialogue, but who do not actually appear on The Andy Griffith Show.







  • Fletch Roberts (Malcolm at the Crossroads) Works at the depot; needs a bookkeeper.
  • Fluffy Johnson (Aunt Bee's Crowning Glory) Worked at the gas company who wore false nails.
  • The Forps (Barney's Bloodhound) Barney is held hostage in their cabin.
  • Frank (Multiple episodes) Works at the diner with Juanita. Presumably has a high pitched voice for a male because Barney continuously mistakes Frank for Juanita.
  • Fred Calahan - (The Barbershop Quartet) Great tenor in town but he is dead.
  • Fred Hartley (Goodbye Dolly): Neighbor of Andy's.
  • Fred Mason (Barney and the Choir) Was unable to sing in the choir because he worked nights and couldn't make practice.
  • Fred Paley (Citizen's Arrest) Former sheriff of Mayberry.
  • Freeburger (Citizen's Arrest) Sewer Inspector who once arrested Barney's dad.


  • Gilley Parker (Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee): Plays poker, but says he is at choir practice.
  • George Pershing ( Barney's Sidecar)
  • Gordon Bellfield (Mayberry Goes Hollywood): Barney tells a story to Andy while they clean the jail cells to prepare for the visit of Mr. Harmon the Hollywood producer to tour Mayberry about Gordon taking a guided bus tour to actor Gary Cooper's house.
  • Gayle Edwards: Clara Edwards' son


  • Halcyon Loretta Winslow (The Darling Baby): Barney could have gotten engaged to her but he thought she was ugly. She may be the daughter of Hog Winslow and sister of Hogette Winslow.
  • Hannah Lou Smith (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): Ernest T. Bass broke windows in her greenhouse.
  • Harley: (Andy's Vacation) Harley tells Andy on the telephone that he has dammed up "Snake Skin Creek".
  • Harry Blake (Howard the Comedian) President of the Elks Lodge.
  • Harold Fossett (A Girl for Goober) Has been taking Juanita up to Myer's Lake.
  • Harper family (Opie's Job): Otis got drunk and drove his car through the Harper's rose garden.
  • Harvey Bunker (Helen the Authoress): Was a Scoutmaster and dated Mavis Neff
  • Harvey Willick (The Farmer Takes a Wife): Harvey runs a shoe store and needed a clerk.
  • Henry Choate (Barney's Bloodhound): Barney said he acquired Blue from him.
  • Herb Crowley (Andy Forecloses): Has old porch furniture to sell in the rummage sale.
  • Herb Mason (Goodbye, Sheriff Taylor): Andy's friend from Raleigh, who calls and offers him a detective job.
  • Hog Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass): Father of Hogette Winslow.
  • Hogette Winslow (My Fair Ernest T. Bass): Hog Winslow's daughter, whose name is apparently French. Ernest T. accidentally hit her in the head with a rock. A taxidermist sewed up the wound.
  • Hoadie Snitch (Opie and the Bully): Andy's childhood bully.
  • Howie Forman (Goober Makes History): Opie's friend who chewed up his pencil.
  • Howie Pruitt (Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau) Helen's student, who's turning into a real monster
  • Hubacher brothers (Episode?)
  • Hugo Hauptfleisch - (Andy's Vacation) An old German soldier that Barney admires. Barney also got some information on how to shine shoes properly from him.



  • Karen Faulker (Opie's Newspaper): Fell down and hurt her knee at the Elm St. park.
  • Katherine Palmer (Opie's Rival): She is a friend of Aunt Bee



  • Mabel Stoner (The Bed Jacket): Mayor Roy Stoner's wife
  • Martha Hendricks (Aunt Bee's Invisible Beau): Married to Mr. Hendricks
  • Mary Pleasant (Otis Sues the County): Notary at the bank. Went black bear hunting with Dixie Belle Edwards at Great Dismal Swamp.
  • Matt Merlis (Barney Mends a Broken Heart): A friend of Opie's
  • Maude and Cora Mendelbright: (Man in a Hurry): Sisters who visit by phone for several hours on Sundays. Cora lives in Mt. Pilot and Maude in Mayberry. Both sisters are in their 80’s.
  • Merrill (Bargain Day): Andy is talking to Merrill about a sign that wouldn't stay up when he hears dogs barking and looks out the window to see Aunt Bee and Opie with a red wagon full of thawing meat from their broken freezer.
  • Maya Lambert: (Opie's Newspaper) Played a raindrop in the school play.
  • Melinda Kiefer (The Perfect Female): She was from Detroit. Barney Fife once set up a blind date for Andy Taylor with her, but Andy didn't like her because she had fat knees and talked a lot.
  • Melvin (The Rumor) Has signs for privacy that read Quarantine, saying he has cholera, yellow fever and the bubonic plague.
  • Melva Lawson The Late Wife of (Floyd Lawson) the Barber
  • Merlin Bracey (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): See's Ernest T. throwing a rock near Mrs. Mingus' house.
  • Millie Fulton (Opie's Job): Her husband is Craig. She hit him across the head with a broom handle one night when he was sneaking in.
  • Millie Parsons (Those Gossipin' Men): Was a brunette and now has "blonde tips straight from a bottle."
  • Milo brothers (Barney's Sidecar) Veterans that Andy said the motorcycle belonged too.
  • Miss Burton (The Shoplifters) Sweet woman who never complains. Has a husband named Sam who drinks heavily.
  • Miss Cleta (The Rumor) Andy says she has a pretty black oilcloth coat
  • Miss Johnson (The Mayberry Band):
  • Miss Kelsey (The Bank Job): Is away to Mt. Pilot. Barney takes in her laundry.
  • Miss Mingus (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): Ernest T. Bass broke a street light in front of her house.
  • Miss Moddler (Briscoe Declares for Aunt Bee): A neighbor of the Taylors'
  • Miss Peterson (High Noon in Mayberry) Has a cat named Fluffy stuck on her roof. Fluffy has kittens.
  • Miss Racine (The Family Visit): Aunt Nora makes Andy talk to her on the phone. She drives a bakery truck.
  • Miss Snyder (Opie the Birdman): Owns a cat that Andy thinks killed the bird that Opie actually killed.

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  • Ms. Magruder (The Bank Job) Barney poses as Ms. Magruder's cousin.
  • Myra Kountze (The Shoplifters): She works at the lingerie shop. Barney has a story about her, but never gets around to telling Andy about it.


  • Nat Pike (Quiet Sam): Opie's 4 year old friend who claims a penny hit by lightning is worth 6 cents
  • Nate Bushy (A Date for Gomer): A suggested date for Thelma Lou's cousin. He always takes his mother.
  • Nathan Tibbs (A Plaque for Mayberry) A revolutionary war hero.
  • Nelvin (The Rumor): Andy talked to Nelvin on the phone. He had put up disease signs on his property to scare away peddlers. Andy said: "Now take down them disease signs, Nelvin."



  • Pete Dooley (The Big House): His truck splashed mud on Mrs.Fletcher
  • Phoebe Gilbert (Opie's Fortune) Barney took out Phoebe once, to "Blue View" restaurant. She has a sister named Limley Gilbert who works at the beauty shop.
  • Purcell Branch (Citizen's Arrest): Tyler Branch's father. He was arrested for disturbing the peace.



  • Sally Higgins (Goodbye Dolly): Aunt Bee started to tell a story about her.
  • Sam Becker (Episode?): a farmer who lives in "The Old Birch Place" Andy delivered his wife's baby named Andy.
  • Sam Allen (The Inspector) Andy’s friend and state inspector who usually visits the Mayberry jail. Andy and Sam go fishing and frog gigging on Sam’s visits.
  • Sam Burton (The Shoplifters) Is married to Mrs. Burton. Drinks heavily.
  • Sam Eppley (The Cannon) owns a motorcycle.
  • Sheriff Patterson (Return to Mayberry) Replaced Andy as sheriff when he left for Ohio.
  • Sheriff Pinkley (Citizen's Arrest) Andy replaced him as sheriff.
  • Spooky Vincent (Goober's Contest): Watched Wally's station for Goober
  • Stuart Simmons (The Bookie Barber) Andy goes to see him in Triplett, NC.
  • Sarah: Phone Operator for Mayberry



  • Uncle Nat (The Loaded Goat): Otis (who is drunk) mistakes the goat for his uncle.


  • Vicky Harms (The Rivals) Use to sip out all the syrup from Barney's sno-cones.
  • Virginia Lee (The Pageant) She is Floyd's niece and he tried to bribe Andy into her winning.
  • Viola McConker (Episode?): Gomer saw her walking down to her barn to have a pinch of snuff.
  • Viola Slat (Ernest T. Bass Joins the Army): Barney doesn't like her; says she is a gossip
  • Virgil Hodge (The Jinx): Barney said he was jinxed.
  • Virgina Beasley and Early Gilley (Opie's Fortune): An engaged couple


  • Wadey Huff (The Cow Thief) A farmer who, like Tate Fletcher, has his cows stolen.
  • Wallace Crenshaw (Helen's Past) Backed his trunk into Mr. Benson's vegetable stand.
  • Wayne Devereaux (Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee): Keeps a picture of Myrna Loy in his pocket.
  • Wendall (The Mayberry Band)
  • Widow Bradshaw (Malcolm at the Crossroads): Ernest T. Bass didn't like her
  • Widow Saunders (Opie's Newspaper): Fred Henry claimed that she was dating a dish towel salesman from Raleigh. He took her to the Half-Moon Roadhouse, where they sat on the same side of the booth and ate New York cut steaks.
  • Wilbur Hennessey (Stranger in Town): Got drunk and fell out of room 209
  • Willis Cundiff (Mind Over Matter): 91 years old, was in a car accident.
  • Wilton Blair (Barney's Physical): Barney met Thelma Lou at his funeral in 1960.
  • Wilson (Ellie Comes to Town) A lawsuit mentioned: Wilson vs. Thorpe's Pharmacy.
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