"The Andy Griffith Show Reunion: Back to Mayberry" is a retrospective TV special about The Andy Griffith Show that originally aired November 11, 2003 on CBS and was directed by Eamon Harrington and John Watkin.


Andy Griffith, Ron Howard, Don Knotts, Jim Nabors and Rodney Dillard sit in a court room set and talk about the show and how the show affected their lives and how others react to them when they see them now. Archive footage is shown of their favorite moments and of those who have died that were part of the show. Ron Howard walks with Andy Griffith on the road that opened the show. Ron, at age 49 whistles the theme song and throws the rock just as he did as a little boy, and comparative footage is shown. After they finish talking they all hug. Andy Griffith turns the lights out and the show ends.


The show starts out with Andy and Ron walking down the path to the ol' fishin' hole. The producers managed to find a location almost identical to the original fishin' hole. Later on Don and Jim hook up with Andy and Ron at the Old Court House. It's not a bad recreation of the original Old Court House used during the shows production. The actors discuss many of the well known episodes and mention things about their private lives that are already pretty well known. There are also interviews with other cast members.

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