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The jinx

Leon is the preschool-aged, sandwich eating cowboy, who is rarely seen, but never heard, in five episodes of The Andy Griffith Show. We never found out who his parents were, or exactly how old he was supposed to be. He was portrayed by Clint Howard, the younger brother of Ron Howard.


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Mr. McBeevee—


"Mr. McBeevee" is the Season 3 premiere episode of The Andy Griffith Show. Opie weaves the fabulous tale of Mr. McBeevee, a man who walks in the treetops, wears a silver hat, has twelve extra hands, blows smoke from his ears, and jingles when he walks as if he had rings on his fingers and bells on his toes. But other than those few quirks, Mr. McBeevee is normal. Andy and Barney laugh it off, but when Opie brings back a quarter he claims was given to him by his friend, Andy is forced to call the stories to a halt.

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The Crawdad Song

The Crawdad Song

The Crawdad Song

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