The Bank Job, Ep 13

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Original airdate
December 24, 1962
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Barney demonstrates the bank's vulnerability to robberies.


Barney gets in a snit over the lax security at the Mayberry Security Bank and decides to prove his point when he slips by the bank teller dressed as a cleaning lady and accidentally locks himself in the vault. Later he is redeemed when real crooks are caught in a failed attempt to rob the bank.


  • As Barney mops the bank floor as the cleaning lady, he hums and sings the traditional Irish folk song, "Dear Old Donegal".
  • Barney supposedly locks himself in the bank vault. The vault has a back door, however, that they could easily use to get him out because it was featured in another episode. The episode where the back door plays a part is in Crime-Free Mayberry, season 2.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Jim Nabors in his role as Gomer Pyle.
  • This is the second time Barney dresses himself up as a woman. The first was in The Bookie Barber.
  • It's obvious in certain scenes that the building used for the bank is also Walker's Drugstore.
  • The theme song for Mayberry R.F.D. is played while Barney is in the bank looking around.
  • Throughout this episode, a fictional movie called "G-Men" starring actor Glenn Ford is mentioned. Ford never starred in any such movie, and there was actually a movie called "G-Men", but it came out in 1935 and starred James Cagney.
  • The "Businessman's Special" for lunch at the drug store that day is a hollowed out tomato stuffed with avocado and raisins.


  • Andy to Barney- "That's what you saw. Glenn Ford in G-Men. Now you're gonna Glenn Ford it all over town."


  • Barney - "I simply said that after a thorough examination, I find this bank lacking any countermeasures whatsoever in the event of a 10-12.

Mr. Meldrim - "Well?... Glenn Ford! That was great, Barney!"

  • Harriet - "What's wrong with her?"

Barney (as Mrs. Magruder) - "Uh, fungus of the knee."


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