The Church Benefactors

Season 8, Episode 20


Original Airdate
22 Jan 1968
Directed by
Written by

Plot Edit

A $500 bequest to the church creates a bit of a predicament for Andy. The Reverend asks Andy to chair a three member panel, with himself and Martha Clark as members, to decide how to best spend the money. They get three proposals. Elmo suggests that they buy a pool table for the men's club. Aunt Bee and Clara Edwards suggest that, after many years of asking, the choir be provided with robes. Lastly, Howard and Emmett suggest that the money be used to level the church building which, over the years, has developed a bit of a tilt. When it comes to a vote, the Reverend opts for fixing the building and Martha votes for the robes. No one is interested in the pool table idea so it's left to Andy to cast the deciding ballot. His decision causes division in the community and it's Howard that comes up with a solution that pleases everyone.

Notes Edit

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