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A farmer resists the county's tetanus shot program. So she enlists the local police department for help, with hilarious results.


Mary, the county nurse, has trouble getting some rural residents to cooperate with her drive to get everyone inoculated against tetanus.

Rafe Gets His Shot

She finally enlists Andy's aid in persuading Rafe Hollister (Jack Prince) to finally his tetanus shot. When all other methods fail, Andy wears down Rafe's resistance with a strategy of playing a sad song on his guitar.





  • Rafe: I ain't never been to a doctor in my life. When I was born, I had my mama. When I die, I'll have the undertaker. I don't see no sense in clutterin' up things in between.
  • Andy (singing): Dig my grave with a silver spade, dig my grave wide and deep. Dig my grave with a silver spade, bury me 'neath the willer tree. Place my grave on a snow-white hill, cover me over with sod. Tell 'em I died to save 'em all, tell my wife to marry again . . . Don't that clutch ya?