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The musical Darling family descends upon Mayberry again. This time they are looking for a husband for Charlene's new baby daughter.


The Darlings return to Mayberry searching for an appropriate husband for Charlene's newborn girl Andelina. During a social call on the Taylors, Briscoe thinks Opie is the man for the job, so he tries to railroad Andy into a contract of marriage between his son and Briscoe's granddaughter. After getting several ideas; Andy spooks Briscoe by signing the contract with a pen loaded with disappearing ink. Believing there's witchery in the Taylor bloodline, Briscoe packs up his family and heads back to the hills.


  • Barney says in this show that he is 35 years old. In reality, actor Don Knotts was 40 years old.
  • Andy mentions that Opie is 10 years old in this episode. Ron Howard's birthday is March 1, 1954, and this episode aired on December 7, 1964, so that is an accurate statement.
  • Charlene's mom (no name was ever mentioned) was 17 when she married Briscoe Darling, who was 30.
  • Briscoe Darling was Charlene's mom's second husband. Her first husband was run over by a team of hogs.
  • The young man who eventually betroths Andelina inherits an 8X10 cottage on the back 20 of the Darling's property.
  • The author of Opie's "Facts of Science" book (egg in a bottle and rubber wishbone in the beginning) is said in the show to be Seymour Shrek. There was an actual children's science author in the early 1960s named Seymour Simon and Seymour Shrek was an ode to his notoriety.
  • Barney references winning a church raffle a few years back in which he won four free haircuts. Afterward, he was featured on the front page of the paper and was approached by the father of Halcyon Loretta Winslow in hopes that Barney would court her. Barney mentions Halcyon’s father got Barney’s info “from the barber” but mentions no name of the barber. Floyd was the only barber in Mayberry for more than 25 years so one can assume the free haircuts were not for Floyd’s barbershop.
  • When reran on TV Land, at the very end of the episode, the Paramount logo is shown in color instead of black and white.


  • Barney says that he is 35 years old, but in the episode "Class Reunion" the yearbook shows both Andy and Barney graduated in 1945, making them at least 37 by the end of 1964.