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Barney Gets His Man Bringing Up Opie

The Guitar Player Returns


Original airdate
May 15, 1961
Directed by
Written by


The good folks of Mayberry welcome the return of Jim Lindsey, a local guitar player who has made it big playing for Bobby Fleet and his Band with a Beat.


Mayberry rolls out the red carpet for native son, guitarist Jim Lindsey. Jim has left Bobby Fleet's band and struck out on his own solo career. Jim tells everyone how well he is doing. But in reality, Jim is broke and his new sports car is repossessed. Jim has returned to Mayberry because he has nowhere else to go. When Jim's old friends begin to question why he has not paid his bills, Andy sets out to find out the truth about Jim. Andy contacts Bobby Fleet and finds out that Jim's huge ego and ridiculous demands led to Jim to leaving the band. Realizing Jim's potential, Bobby can not pass up the chance to get back his main attraction. Andy forces a meeting between Bobby and Jim the only way he can, by arresting Jim. Bobby agrees to give Jim his job back, with a raise to boot.


  • According to Aunt Bee, Jim Lindsey's favorite dinner is fried chicken and cornbread.
  • According to Barney, Jim's big record is "Rock and Roll Rosie From Raleigh".
  • Jim throws a cigarette on the ground, which is littering.
  • Andy and Jim perform "Midnight Special".
  • This is the last appearance of Ellie Walker.
  • This is the first & only appearance of Herb Ellis as Bobby Fleet, the second of three to play the character.



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Barney Gets His Man Bringing Up Opie