The Legend of Barney Fife, Ep 18


Original Airdate
January 17, 1966
Directed by
Written by


While visiting Mayberry, Barney is forced to display his "legendary courage" by going after an escaped convict.


The day after the reunion, Barney joins Aunt Bee and Andy for breakfast at the Taylor house. Andy invites Barney to come by the courthouse and meet Warren Ferguson. Barney is apprehensive at first, but Andy finally gets him to meet the new deputy. Barney is pleasantly surprised to see that Warren is excited to meet him. He thinks Barney is a living legend. Farley Upchurch comes by to visit and to get a picture for the paper. Barney admits that he packed his uniform, and can wear it for the picture. While Barney is alone getting ready for the picture, Warden Hix calls to tell them that Avery Noonan has escaped a county work farm. Harboring ill-will against Barney, he claims to be after him. Barney is spooked and tells Andy he can't take the picture, and that he needs to leave soon. He tries to leave in a hurry, but Andy intercepts another call from Warden Hix. Andy finds out why Barney wants to leave in a rush now. Avery was said to be snooping around town, and when Warren brings Barney his gun, Barney still wants to leave. His car, still needing repair, will not allow him to leave. Andy, Warren and Barney go to an old warehouse to capture Avery. Andy tells Barney to guard the car, while him and Warren go inside the warehouse. Andy eventually tells Warren to check another area, leaving Andy alone to help save Barney's morale. Climbing a tier above Avery's head, Barney walks in and sees Avery. Before Avery can attack, Andy drops a large sack on Avery- Barney quickly apprehends the criminal. Andy and Warren congratulate Barney on a job well done.


  • This is the only episode that Barney and Warren appear in together.
  • Warren is a great admirer of Barney Fife.



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