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Barney is the only tenor in the Town choir. When a tenor solo part is required and the choir director is desperate to find someone else to sing the part. Gomer becomes the replacement.


John Masters discovers Gomer's singing voice and decides to give him the solo in the upcoming concert instead of Barney. When Gomer realizes how important the solo is to Barney he fakes laryngitis, and just before curtain, Andy has to talk Barney into going on. Gomer's trick is discovered when, in his excitement to see Barney, he forgets himself and speaks in a full voice. As a result, Barney refuses his charity, but Andy grabs both of them as the curtain goes up and the solo becomes a trio.


  • Andy Griffith's wife, Barbara, appears as a member of the singing group. Her only line is "I'm sorry, Mr. Masters."
  • This an the episode of Season 4 where Opie Taylor is absent.
  • This episode doesn't mesh very well with Season Two's Barney and the Choir where Barney's singing voice was so atrocious and off-key Andy and the choir had to go to great lengths to keep Barney's caterwauling voice from being heard at all. Although Ms. Poultice has been working with Barney, it still seems unlikely he would be good enough to actually be singing solos.
  • This is the episode in which it is revealed that Gomer - despite his hick speaking voice - has a beautiful singing voice, which will later affect some episodes in Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C. (series).
  • It also seems that Andy's reasoning for Barney never being able to sing in the Mayberry Choir again (explained in the epilogue of the aforementioned episode) has been forgotten.
  • Jim Nabors actually recorded music in real life.
  • This the only time Jim Nabors used his "real" singing voice.


  • In the previous episode, Hot Rod Otis, Barney, and Andy sing a hymn in the jail, oddly enough Barney is in key and sounds good. But in this episode, Barney can't carry a tune and he's totally tone-deaf.


  • Gomer sings an old English song called "In The Gloaming" during his audition.



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