Thelma Lou
Full Name Thelma Lou
Occupation Office work
First Episode Cyrano Andy
Last Episode The Return of Barney Fife
Spin-off Appearances Return to Mayberry
Family Mary Grace Gossage (cousin),

Karen Moore (cousin)

Spouse Barney Fife (m. 1986)

Gerald Whitfield (m. abt. 1965-divorced)

Romances (A concocted one with Andy Taylor and one with Gomer Pyle)
Children None
Portrayed by Betty Lynn

Thelma Lou Fife (née ???) (formerly Whitfield) is Barney Fife's girlfriend on The Andy Griffith Show.


Thelma Lou's last name and occupation are never revealed; However, in one episode, she mentions getting back to the office. Her two cousins are Mary Grace Gossage and Karen Moore. She lives in a small, quaint home within Mayberry city limits - making Barney's ice cream deliveries much quicker.

Thelma Lou's Romances

Barney Fife would be considered Thelma Lou's first and last true love. They met in 1960 at Wilton Blair's funeral. They had their tiffs, but would always seem to get back together. There were times when Thelma Lou would successfully make Barney jealous - by using Andy Taylor and Gomer Pyle. But as Barney said, "Thelma Lou, you're the only girl I love!"

In her last appearance on the series, Barney returns to Mayberry to discover that Thelma Lou is married to a man she met in Florida named Gerald Whitfield.

Return to Mayberry

In Return to Mayberry, it is said said she is divorced, presumably from Gerald Whitfield. Barney and Thelma Lou go through a brief, yet touching re-acquaintance and are finally married at the end of the movie. The whole town comes to celebrate, and The Darlings even drop in to play.


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