Warren Ferguson
Warren F 1
Full Name Warren Ferguson
Occupation Deputy Sheriff
First Episode The Bazaar
Last Episode Wyatt Earp Rides Again
Spin-off Appearances
Family Floyd Lawson (Uncle) Norman Lawson (cousin)
Portrayed by Jack Burns

Warren Ferguson was a recurring character from The Andy Griffith Show. He served as Mayberry deputy after Barney Fife moved to live and work in Raleigh. He was only in eleven Season 6 episodes before being phased out of the show due to his unpopularity.


Warren is the nephew of Mayberry barber Floyd Lawson, and hails from Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated fourth in his police academy class, but proves to be a bungler in Mayberry. Warren serves as deputy of Mayberry under Sheriff Andy Taylor, following the departure of the previous deputy Barney Fife, when actor Don Knotts left the series. Warren is just as impetuous in his role as deputy as his predecessor Barney, and is just as bumbling. Many of the episodes Warren appeared in were actually originally written for Barney, however, after Don Knott's late departure from the show following season 5, some episodes were rewritten for Warren. His most common trademark is his repeated questioning followed by a rapid-fire succession of the phrase "Huh?". Warren is a bachelor and a sleepwalker.


After eleven appearances in the sixth season, due to his unpopularity, Warren disappeared without explanation and was never mentioned again. In fact, when Andy visits Barney in Raleigh in the season 7 episode "A visit to Barney Fife," Andy mentions Barney's former job "is still open." After season 6, Goober Pyle is deputized on rare occasions in Warren's place.


Warren's first episode, The Bazaar, originally aired on October 11, 1965. He appeared in eleven episodes before unceremoniously leaving Mayberry with nary an explanation.




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