Wedding Bells for Aunt Bee, Ep 26


Original airdate
April 2, 1962
Directed by
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After Clara convinces Aunt Bee that Andy can't possibly find a wife as long as she's still living with him, Bee begins half-heartedly searching for a man she can marry herself off to.


Aunt Bee and Clara go into the cleaners. While Otis is trying to get his suit, Mr. Goss talks about the dance, and how he'd like to go. It's obvious he is flirting with Aunt Bee. Later in the jail, Otis tells Andy how Mr. Goss was flirting with Aunt Bee. Aunt Bee wonders why her widowed nephew Andy has never remarried-until Clara "helpfully" tells her that Andy will never marry as long as Bee herself remains unattached. Clara says that Aunt Bee should at least try and date Mr. Goss, however, Aunt Bee doesn't like Fred Goss in a romantic way. Feeling like a fifth wheel, Bee tries to persuade Andy that she doesn't need his support by inventing a relationship with Mr. Goss. The fun begins when Bee has to produce her phantom beau-and comes up with nonplussed Mayberry dry cleaner Mr. Goss.


  • This is one of only three times that a bathroom is actually shown in the series. In both of those episodes (Gomer the House Guest and Howard's Main Event), as in this one, only the sink is shown. Interestingly, based on the layout, apparently the Jail/Courthouse has no bathrooms at all and the cells have no toilets - although one cell does have a sink.
  • This was Frances Bavier's favorite episode.
  • Otis is revealed to have his own key to the courthouse.
  • Clara's last name is still Johnson instead of Edwards. (started the series with first name of Bertha)
  • This is the second appearance of Fred Goss, Mayberry's dry cleaner.
  • Fred Goss has 3 bad habits; 1: Not minding the ashes of the cigarettes hanging from his mouth, and leaning in too close to people and smoking them out. 2: Cant stop talking "shop", even at the dinner table. 3: Is a bigger "gossip" than the women folk of Mayberry.
  • Otis smokes in this episode. Other than Andy, Otis is the only main character who seems to smoke regularly. In Season Five's The Rehabilitation of Otis, Barney suggests sending Otis his robe and a pack of cigarettes.
  • This is the closest Andy ever comes to talking about his deceased wife. She was mentioned in the pilot episode (Danny Meets Andy Griffith) - which aired on Danny Thomas' show, Make Room for Daddy.


Andy: I know this is Friday Otis, but aint you a bit early?

Otis: Oh Im dead sober Andy, but I spect I'll get over it.


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