Wyatt Earp Rides Again, Ep 20


Original Airdate
January 31, 1966
Directed by
Written by


The supposed descendant of the famous Wyatt Earp rides into Mayberry. He demands a duel with Andy after he considers his family honor to be insulted.



  • Jack Burns' last appearance as Warren Ferguson. The character was dropped from the series after only 11 episodes, due to unfavorable reviews.
  • The last traveling show that passed through Mayberry featured a fire-eater known as the Great Mandrake. Floyd recalls that the show didn't last long because the fire department had to keep putting the Great Mandrake out.
  • In the opening scene, as Fred parks his car, the same vehicle can be seen driving by in the background for both the cut showing him driving down the street and coming to a stop in front of the courthouse, and in the next cut showing him getting out of his vehicle, both with the same driver.



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